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  1. @Austin MAs the new host, have you raised any objections to Rogue's decision. Why do Americans approve of such decisions. Added: Any gang/group caught inviting/grouping/harboring/playing with a cheater will be banned. This means anyone in the gang/group with a cheater will be banned per below. You MUST be mindful of who you allow to play with your gang/group. All Senior Admin's approval (100%) will be required to make an exception/unbanning from this rule. The Gang/Group Member Ban (GMB) length will be as follows for each member: Initial Ban: 30 days Second Ban: 60 days Final Ban: 180 days (Every ban beyond this will be subject to review and increased) These bans are applicable to the entire gang/group but stack individually for each member. Information DIRECTLY leading to the ban of a cheater will be rewarded a minimum of $1,000,000 and up to $5,000,000 (Pending SA approval and discretion)
  2. manhua


    At present, it seems that all the opponents of my suggestion are mice, hahaha
  3. manhua


    Suggestion: Blow up the C4 bomb on the bank or open the door of the house. Perhaps he needs many. It can only break open the door of the house and cannot obtain the items inside. So the mice have no place to hide.
  4. @Junker A host worth liking.
  5. Is it enough to enter the driver's seat? Do I need to start the engine?
  6. https://gyazo.com/1bc942c73616e25ff93cffc8578fc34d Why do you all like to use it? I have reported Exploit
  7. Because he has no plans to retire. Lol
  8. Yes, many of them huddled next to the rock like mice, earning points.
  9. I have found that every retired administrator will reduce the duration of entering Asylum and even completely leave Asylum. We should reduce the retirement of administrators. Hahaha
  10. manhua

    Gas station

    Top it up, we can't let him sink into the sea.
  11. You can directly rob the bank, so you can make money faster.
  12. The first one is Voodo, hahaha My lovely molu, you have a good journey.
  13. Looking forward to the day you purchase Asylum, go to your mother's place of discrimination. If you don't buy, your parents will cry, you despicable son. Hahaha https://gyazo.com/c1a9dbfff06e1225edd46883d2be71c4
  14. 没毛病 Have you had a leisurely retirement lately?
  15. manhua


    This is the clothing of Chinese special forces. But Chinese people hate it very much, please don't add it. I saw it upset.
  16. Are they open together? Gang Boat: Sunday/Wednesday 6pm Eastern Time Gang Fortress: Sunday/Wednesday 6pm Eastern Time Is that so?
  17. Can someone tell me the complete opening time of the gang ship and gang fortress? The update log is too messy, I didn't understand what he meant. thanks
  18. A great module. It displays the names of enemies for a long time. Can you send me the module? I know that EV is used by everyone?
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