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  1. The following paragraph may be deleted by the administrator. It may have touched the interests of the administrator. The Asylum Dragon Gang was founded in 2019, and we firmly resist any cheating behavior and maintain the activity of the gang. We have received many unfair treatment results. Received a large amount of information on regional and racial discrimination.And maintain this donation. But in the past two months, the Dragon Gang has been ostracized by many members of the community. They use their authority to create a large number of RPG shells and grenades to fight against us. Seriously affecting the fairness of the community. This is the ultimate bottom line of the Dragon Gang, and we have zero tolerance for this behavior. After discussion with the Dragon gang team, it was decided to permanently withdraw from the Asylum community at 22:00 Beijing time on August 23, 2023. The Dragon Gang is here to thank those who have helped us and to cherish the friends who fought with us. I hope your life will be better in the future. Looking forward to meeting you in another community in Arma 4. -------- Dragon Gang Citizen Committee Manhua
  2. Chow Mein, where have you been? I miss the days when I fought with you. You are my favorite director. :(
  3. https://ibb.co/dBX2Wq9 Okay, the same thing, let's look at different processing results. https://ibb.co/Xym49cj
  4. 自由美利坚,枪战每一天。快乐阿富汗,提枪就是干。和平叙利亚,地雷满地炸。英勇俄罗斯,单挑一个师。大国梵蒂冈,怎么都不慌。和平伊拉克,地铺子弹壳。韩国有点迷,万物皆申遗。
  5. His ban has ended, and many Chinese people only want to clarify the issue and need an official explanation. To avoid obtaining a ban. thanks
  6. No, it's just a matter of understanding. It's not a typo, please don't "双标". Please do not overly explain your mistakes, as it is very detrimental to Asylum and Chinese people dislike it. If you make a mistake, you should admit it and correct it. Please stop quibbling.
  7. China Choices ,So we got a ban, why? He jumped out of the car to escape the bounty hunter's pursuit. It may be a translation issue, sorry, I don't understand what you mean.
  8. ok,look,Isn't this scary? https://ibb.co/HKHVcBc
  9. Whether you use it or not, this rule should be improved. Under no circumstances can it be used? Cannot be used during combat? It should be clearly written. Whether you use it or not, this rule should be improved. Under no circumstances can it be used? Cannot be used during combat? It should be clearly written.
  10. Please improve the combat rules. Jumping off a car, jumping off a building, drowning,Each administrator's handling is different. https://ibb.co/dj3Yycc Once I was chased by the police, and I jumped out of the car. The police said I was maliciously evading the pursuit, and I received a 4-day ban.
  11. https://ibb.co/zn61fSv No action taken. The reported player did not use combat spool.
  12. manhua

    Gas station

    Afghanistan War, Vietnam War, Korean War, Gulf War, Russia Ukraine War
  13. manhua

    Gas station

    My suggestion is to change it, this is just my suggestion, it still needs improvement. How about the United States being the first, and when the United States will launch a war against China, we need your command.
  14. https://ibb.co/WW768fN https://ibb.co/4PTLWqH What qualifications do you have here? Stop your dog barking. What can you bring to Asylum? You will only consider your interests.
  15. I hope you buy the server and ban us. But I want to say that your combat skills are really terrible.
  16. Add: You should change the title to "Prohibit Asians and Australians from entering the server" because our pings are greater than 200. Oh, sorry, my pings are 182.
  17. I have repeated it many times. Why can't only you kill us, while other gang members can easily kill us?
  18. manhua

    Gas station

    I don't understand why some people don't agree to changing the refueling method. Isn't it good to add gameplay?
  19. Thank you for providing suggestions for the community. However, complex and meaningless programs will definitely not be adopted. What is the difference between this and Bitcoin?
  20. Crane is currently the most complex industry. It not only cannot be placed inside the house, but also the methamphetamine vehicle cannot approach the house, and what's even more despicable is that. Its chimney like smoke pillars. It's easy to spot. Suggestion: Add an industrial fan to blow away its smoke. This can reduce its chances of being discovered and compensate for its disadvantages.
  21. If I wake up every day with many people carrying guns walking on the road, I will be very scared. And they hold bags of powder in their hands. Eat happily.
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