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    This is the clothing of Chinese special forces. But Chinese people hate it very much, please don't add it. I saw it upset.
  2. Are they open together? Gang Boat: Sunday/Wednesday 6pm Eastern Time Gang Fortress: Sunday/Wednesday 6pm Eastern Time Is that so?
  3. Can someone tell me the complete opening time of the gang ship and gang fortress? The update log is too messy, I didn't understand what he meant. thanks
  4. A great module. It displays the names of enemies for a long time. Can you send me the module? I know that EV is used by everyone?
  5. Gas station: For a long time, gas stations have been idle, and we should play their role. 1. Firstly, the function of refueling in the garage should be cancelled, and all vehicles must go to the gas station for refueling; 2. The gas station can be occupied, you need to insert a USB drive into the counter to occupy it. 3. It can bring certain benefits. The revenue comes from the processing of oil and the sales of fuel by gas stations themselves. 4. The income will be temporarily stored in the gas station ATM and needs to be actively withdrawn by the owner. 5. The revenue from gas stations will be seized. If you successfully rob a gas station, you will receive this money. 6. Only when robbing gas stations of money can the police and owners stop it. But they can shoot each other. They are independent.
  6. Please don't take it seriously, I saw white people in the video. Does your president care about this? They bow their heads and feel tired.
  7. Every one of you, every country, is being a Biden lackey. Because you are afraid of communism, you like to curse communism. We're talking about Asylum, don't bring political discrimination. I know you're angry because you can't argue anymore. If you want to become a Chinese citizen, sorry, you are not eligible.
  8. Do you need to tell me where your shed is first? If his position is good, I can offer a higher price to buy it.
  9. I don't need this house, I need your shed.
  10. A wise man submits to circumstances. 笑死我了,这怂狗
  11. Asylum's punishment for cheaters is too lenient. Every time I encounter someone cheating, I think of Tom. He's a poor dog
  12. The president of your country likes to be Biden's pet dog. Biden is a wild dog, he likes to bite people on Earth.
  13. I need to purchase a DP13 Eastern Rebel house, and the garage price will be higher.
  14. I hope Dragons beat Crimson(personal opinion)
  15. I suggest installing a dedicated rebel base in your gang room.
  16. I suggest installing a dedicated rebel base in your gang room. Ha ha ha ha
  17. No one has occupied the Drug of the Chinese people. @KingSuggest adding: If the Drug is not occupied for more than 30 minutes. After reaching 40 or 60 minutes, there will be an increase of 4 points.
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