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  1. easily the best edit of 2020
  2. In-game name: Alone as a cadet Age: 22 Hours on Arma 3 (Screenshot required): https://gyazo.com/fc7cb56cac6431ba423717911947c909 Previous gangs: torment Why would you like to join Cloud: fights and torment is non existent now How active will you be? (Ex: 5-6 Days a week): 7 a week
  3. when is the new loot crate coming out. i want my black coveralls
  4. make more civ slots. Im tired of spamming in to not be able to get a civ slot and get kicked for being afk in lobby.
  5. i feel like yall should keep focusing on the arma server rather then spiting dev time... Unless you plan on hiring a new dev for said game.
  6. In-game name: Syrian Refugee Age:22 Timezone:EST Hours on Arma 3: little over 3k Previous gangs: Velocity,FSM Any members who can vouch for you? Eazy PS TAKE OFF MY FUCKING MOD QUEUE
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