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  1. ig im not playing anymore lmao. Literally just camp this and you stop people from running dabs, meth, and bricks all at once. Giga brain time. Lets say you wipe the people camping it, they are just going to spawn athria buy a sdar and rush back since its a whole whopping 2.5km from the city. Who else remembers meth lab being there too and everyone complaining about how easy it was to camp and it got removed cause I do. so you just killed coke??? make it harder to make cocaine bricks and then make them not even worthwhile to make. Literally zero thought must've went into this patch.....
  2. imagine still being active on these forums 

    1. one of ethan darrels chins

      one of ethan darrels chins

      imagine being my biggest fan

  3. easily the best edit of 2020
  4. In-game name: Alone as a cadet Age: 22 Hours on Arma 3 (Screenshot required): https://gyazo.com/fc7cb56cac6431ba423717911947c909 Previous gangs: torment Why would you like to join Cloud: fights and torment is non existent now How active will you be? (Ex: 5-6 Days a week): 7 a week
  5. when is the new loot crate coming out. i want my black coveralls
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