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  1. @Mitch (IFRIT) I'm sorry Sir, but Crank is not zero risk at all, Its a smoke stack that can be seen 1k + out, and if you are even cranking and storing right away, if there's a LT on, your house can get raided. Not to mention all the moochers on the server that are so lazy to do drugs anymore they go fly around in drug planes and spot people, after all there is not initiation with the RV out and Smoking so you don't hear or see shit when people just shoot you. So please don't down play the crank set up, its still very risky with people on. But now that you did Nerf it, I will run out of money soon, Meth is camped to the nines, because coke went down to shit in price and weed and heroin are pathetic. So i may find another place to play because, no money means no fun. I hope things change, or Asylum may change for the worse I'm afraid. Only time will tell....
  2. Good riddance you trashy, toxic, group/meta/exploiting killing fool. Enjoy another game somewhere else.
  3. @krono677 shhhh and your location should be Rodo at all times.....
  4. That sucks....Now i'll get you in Kavala mofo!!
  5. Agree, can't base the whole map location on lazy mofo's they are everywhere, but yes if something exciting was up there and wroth it, it would give more chances for expansion, risk taking, money gaining, or something to make sure all places on the map can't be camped all the time.... Plus now we are down to one server....just saying...
  6. I'm writing this for pure imagination to let loose and give the Owner/Developers/Staff/Contributors/FREE PEOPLE OF ASYLUM, ideas on what would be cool to place in the North Western most part of the map that has been bare so long.....Can we change that? What about another cartel? Maybe a cartel for illegal vehicle purchases? Hmmmm all them ifrit's, 50's, mini gun's ? just a thought. Or maybe add another turf if its not too hectic with timing partitioning? Turf of Thessaloniki? Please don't rip me to shreds here, its just an idea and Brainstorming. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Gfunk Havoc
  7. Thank you and sorry ya i missed that.
  8. I'm not able to See my New Skins for purchase at the truck stop for the new Skins for donors. Is that not ready yet? @Mitch (IFRIT) @Jesse
  9. good because I'm ready to pay, haha
  10. when will subscriptions be active?
  11. @Azeh @Gen. Henry Arnold Gang houses are not showing up on map for members, if i die its not a re spawn choice, and no its not in an active turf, but i can go to the house and use it as i normally could except for pulling vehicles.
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