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  1. Manolo

    Drug Runner Tips

    Now kids when you see a plane land don't just prematurely pop off. Wait for her to land and the pilot to approach the dealer. If the plane disappears it means he got paid and has the money on him. If the plane doesn't disappear shoot him anyways! (and check for money)
  2. I was going to but they didnt rev me
  3. Rev ples! https://tenor.com/view/allhuakbar-gif-6131187
  4. The server is running smooth af I’m still getting used to the house crates and shit but the server is running smooth so who gives a fuck about anything else! I think there is a lot of people that don’t read patch notes and they think their crates were removed!
  6. I have more shit then both u nerds. Quit being scared to do peaches!
  7. Wipe the servers for V2 pls
  8. Nothing wrong with the way the server is run , been playing for 5 years now and I love this game. If V2 comes out it would be nice to wipe everyone’s houses and money. Everyone on a level playing field let’s see who rises to the top 1st!
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