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  1. you cant call kids bad if you think those are pulldowns great tage young chap
  2. yeah i know asylum fights are dead, no good players fight anymore
  3. Hola, yo soy un dinero!
  4. thousands of hours in athira is different than thousands at cartels
  5. Guaranteed? im not yusheng lmao
  6. its so obvious right???
  7. thanks dude, all this hate making me want to cry
  8. play 6 years of cs and you will understand
  9. you guys died a few times in the 2nd one...
  10. aimware.exe facts, im already banned for 5 days for vdm i have many hours on fps games, so my aim and tracking is relatively good. I dont know why they are freaking out over 1 clip either.
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