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  1. Why get an opinion from someone that played with a cheater and got carried the whole time.....
  2. Good hearing from Torment Leader Eazy
  3. No idea what you’re talking about must be off your meds pal
  4. @Morgan Lacerda I need you to come put a dent in @Steve forehead he’s bullying me too much
  5. Personal favorite of mine https://clips.twitch.tv/OutstandingElegantPonyOMGScoots
  6. You don’t put medic kills in a tage bro
  7. He just cut from a different cloth
  8. Gotta have the gunnars for going through the logs brother
  9. Didn’t think people would notice that was me. Time to pack up shop
  10. Fucking insane shots man torment is looking for the next big rod apply today!
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