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  1. Don't worry tom when I killed him I've never seen someone alt f4 so fast
  2. We need about two fiddy round drummy for it
  3. I hate to inform y’all but @ifrit (IFRIT) doesn’t have the one dollar DLC. So every dollar counts
  4. Later Stinky, Press NECK next time
  5. That boy hot. Skog Dog for life
  6. The skin off @Stevemega dome also used in airplane wings
  7. Alright buddy wheel that chair on over here and sign my moms tits you stud
  8. This is good and all but the people wanna hear the rages
  9. Dirty Pigz hard carry @Oskarrwork up a contract buddy let’s trade Vhasj
  10. @Ryan. Welcome to the montage buddy
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