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  1. Kreals

    Dom Fixes

    Everyone dom maps have there imperfections, utus caps are to close to each other, altis they are too far and ez to roach, zagbad too far and ez to roach caps are small or just don't any desgine element to them, dom maps in need a rework and or revamped
  2. Kreals

    SRT Faction

    if SRT was like another faction that would allow civs that don't want to join the apd play SRT or compete in domination
  3. Kreals

    SRT Faction

    i would love to see a SRT rework or revamp, but i just don't see them going through the effort of putting this in place
  4. 6-10 entertaining to watch could use some better clips (all your opponents are looking the wrong way song isn't very good
  5. Adaptive Crosshair might be banannanas. GOOD Tage it was awesome sauce
  6. this should be name Fart tage
  7. Making montages like his life depends on it
  8. Good Job my Sweet Cheeks
  10. the Price should lowerd to around 25k bm would be more reasonable the .50 on type can't pen frount glass enless you are less than 5 meters away from it and side glass is overall already weak i would love to see the price reduced
  11. 80% of your kills are unaware of your existence. this montage is awful makes mine looks awesome
  12. Kreals


  13. YIPPE DO DA DAY (*@&#$(*&@#$(*@#&$(*@#
  14. Gang Points @ImShy +2 Paintballing total of 4+ Demoted back to Member points decay once a mounth
  15. idiot sandwhich

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