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  1. Fighting hyper is like playing the game but on easy mode
  2. carter more like big man carter
  3. Zdeat more like awsome sauce i've recently downloaded Grammarly
  4. BRO I Didn't know you where so good
  5. Waiting for hubs the designee to be useful. Awesome update good to see new things added to aslyum
  6. https://gyazo.com/44cf4bcd309c867e216e4be5b97e2f11 Not to brag but mines the best
  8. Kreals

    Dom Fixes

    Nathan 2F is already working on it
  9. Kreals

    Dom Fixes

    Everyone dom maps have there imperfections, utus caps are to close to each other, altis they are too far and ez to roach, zagbad too far and ez to roach caps are small or just don't any desgine element to them, dom maps in need a rework and or revamped
  10. Kreals

    SRT Faction

    if SRT was like another faction that would allow civs that don't want to join the apd play SRT or compete in domination
  11. Kreals

    SRT Faction

    i would love to see a SRT rework or revamp, but i just don't see them going through the effort of putting this in place
  12. 6-10 entertaining to watch could use some better clips (all your opponents are looking the wrong way song isn't very good
  13. Adaptive Crosshair might be banannanas. GOOD Tage it was awesome sauce
  14. this should be name Fart tage
  15. Making montages like his life depends on it
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