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  1. WoW somehow is more boring than Asy rn. Crazy I know, but it's true.
  2. This is you after being half of my Replay HDD.
  3. You would know if you had a monitor. I could make a montage simply off of killing you. Please don't speak about winning and losing, especially after Raf sucked Envy's dick for like 30 minutes in TS to get us to stop bullying you. Crazy how 6 months after disbanding you still have PTSD... Back to busting Rooks at weed field for the APD!
  4. No way there is an actually somewhat decent Asylum update. My eyes must deceive me.
  5. More loot crates!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT TO SPEND ANOTHER $0!!!
  6. Very excited for all the new quests that were added for the month of August. Wait...
  7. Asylum answer or real answer? Wow, what a long ~15 days since evidence was removed. You would almost swear its been slightly longer.
  8. Yung Jaypl


    Half the cops can't handle getting dressed in the morning on their own...
  9. All you young bucks take notes.
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