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  1. All you young bucks take notes.
  2. Nice career. Edit: Nice first clip. Kids holster running straight at you and you miss LMAO
  3. I would just like to point out that a certain unnamed gang used hunters over ifrits for the ability to stack them and only bring 2-3 as opposed to 7 ifrits and the cops cried and got them taken away. Give us siezable rebel hunters. Moving bank is arguable to an extent but putting it in a town is 0/10.
  4. Potentially the first time I have ever agreed with you. +1
  5. Which event is the next to go?
  6. What else are we supposed to do? Wipe you guys 5 times a day? Lame.
  7. Very excited for all this new content. 10/10. Well worth the wait.
  8. This town ain't big enough for the both of us...
  9. Mac told me hes sending you a cease and desist...
  10. Wow. This was funny and everyone is laughing.
  11. That's Mason on cop... I gave you the benefit of the doubt earlier, but apparently you're just fucking retarded or something.
  12. this comment shows that you very clearly didn't read the report. Driving our tempest with bars to get away and driving our ifrits to run them away from air hq to combat seize them is kinda frustrating.
  13. One server that hovers around 60 people. I'm glad to see people making an effort to fix gang life and get pop numbers back up, but realistically it will fall on deaf ears and it wont get changed for 6+ months. Soon ™ Yes, CEO is the first gang to fight cops. Are you new? And no, server wasn't getting ddosed...
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