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  1. rip my orca in the beginning
  2. +1 solid dude, active and fights
  3. be patient, theyre working on releasing shit, stability is been looking good so now they can focus on content
  4. went through 21 redgulls yesterday searching for the single guy contesting it, below and above water, oil rig is a pain in the ass
  5. remove oil cartel from the oil rig location, doesn't make sense to me to have it directly on the rig since it can alter with non-gang affiliated civs from running oil, since anyone with a decent gun contests it even trying to run rubber pretty much alerting the gang who owns it that hey someone is doing oil runs lets rob them, i think it should be made stationary by dp11, or a new location implemented to keep it static
  6. i love @Mitch (IFRIT)'s comments on all your shit, makes my laugh every time
  7. #1 is kinda already a thing, if they block the bridge you ram the vehicles off of it
  8. honestly think the physical inventory aspect of the new housing system kinda sucks, was alot better the way it was for physical storage
  9. Vortex

    V2 feedback

    By gang garages I meant more of a shared garage that only certain ranked gang members can access, much like olympus has for gangs
  10. Vortex

    V2 feedback

    Old inventory/shop UI Gang garages Keep scotch the way it was since tempest balances it with other money methods All kills on cartel island be a war kill
  11. @wOnkY kinda of a grey area i think, if you have a gun in their face its obviously implied that your being hostile with your demands, if you didn't have a gun in their face to imply hostile intent you would need to say or die i believe, correct me if im wrong @Clint Beastwood @Mitch (IFRIT) @Leady
  12. because he complied with your demands, therefore you cannot kill him. RDM: me: put your hands up! *he puts his hands up* i shoot him Not RDM: me: put your hands up! *He doesn't put his hands up* i shoot him see the difference? you were both clearly fresh spawns so initiation was 100% required but you cant kill them if they comply to your demands or you demand something not possible for them to comply with
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