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  1. i feel like i got a virus just going to this link
  2. America, Fuck yeah! beers, bitches, and barbecues
  3. @Sheriff Rick looks like you were right LOL
  4. no offense man but i don't think this post is gonna help you, your better off direct messaging them on here or asylum discord, cant expect them to be in teamspeak 24/7 they got lives too but if you are gonna @ them in a pointless post atleast do it right @Mitch (IFRIT) @Mayhem
  5. gratz @RoguePilot but sorry, @Renegade (NotRoguePilot) is still the real rogue
  6. not bad for a bbnb shitter
  7. i see why it could be a bit overpowered, but maybe if a cuts taken out that goes to owner of turf
  8. dudes on fire, some of the best ifrit dropping on hatchbacks and recoil control i ever seen!
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