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  1. aw its okay, i'm sorry you cant use your foodstamp's card to donate with
  2. oh look, another kavala rat!
  3. Strange, been here since 2015 and never once seen your guys own a cartel
  4. So you don't know me yet you wanna call me shit k fanboy
  5. i see somebody is still salty
  6. atleast its not me blowing up anymore
  7. upgrading pc soon so gonna be wiping, figured id throw together what i got. And yes, i know i suck at making montages, fuck you too <3=)
  8. If there's any way for APD to piss off rebels, they're gonna do it. If they know you want to keep your bounty theyll 1000% show up to stop you
  9. Since it takes less time to get out of prison pressing plates than it does to do a prison break, maybe bring it back to when you kept your bounty if you get broken out of prison, gives a new reason for rebels to do a prison break, to keep the records going to who can get the highest bounty. At the same time its a win/win for cops, means they get another paycheck if they can arrest them again
  10. @Falcon discord being sent, let's talk
  11. uhm in marzoh's video he didn't even DPI lmao, all he did was look left to right.. if you think that is DPI you would really hate @K1NG
  12. You see, we wanted to speak in your native language which just so happens to be retardation so you could understand us, you knew what we were talking about so it worked!
  13. i get why they had the price heavily increased from before, but now that they don't have doors for protection, i think 40k is a bit much when ifrits are 60k, i think 20k would be more understandable for them without doors, 40k if they had doors @Gen. Henry Arnold @Jesse @Mitch (IFRIT)
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