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  1. You just mad Cos I beat you in tinder ZzZzzZzzz
  2. Why the fuck did I think it was a good idea to ask this community
  3. My mate is launching his music website soon and i've been asked to help create an 'American House party' playlist. Since i'm from the UK i have no idea what you virgins like at house parties so i need some recommendations. Preferably on Spotify and when you listen to the song it makes you want to grab the nearest bottle of spirits and down it. Much appreciated.
  4. Let's just say i wasn't sober
  5. There's something about VDM that make laugh so fucking hard
  6. altis life uk or something, was god awful
  7. Youtube removed it cos i lost access to the email, lots of quality videos lost
  8. Context: FILS (Fat Immature Lazy Slobs) Is just a group of irl friends i play with, i convinced them to buy arma 3 and try it out. Thought i would teach them on a shit server before coming onto Asylum and this is how it went...
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