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  1. "idgaf man arma is too boring for me" grow up retard you lost.
  2. shh ik he's not new
  3. cheating for ego. asylum is a circlejerk of "wow you're so good nice montage" literally just cheating to get ego boost. that said he was def cheating for more than 6 days.
  4. this community is so cool that a guy who they defended from cheating accusations got globaled for cheating literally less than 72 hours after. i think lim deserves an apology because he was fucking right the whole time
  5. https://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/forum/7-application-status-open/ Heres the APD Application requirements and format. gl new player!
  6. why'd you have to write him a fucking poem about it tho
  7. it does give an advanatage, it's a minor quality of life thing that allows players to focus on actually tracking their target rather than having to control recoil on the mk. I know when I spray even with holding shift I can hit my targets, the recoil isn't too bad, but it never hurts to not have to worry about recoil at all.
  8. the admins don't actually care because like 95% of cartel fighters use pulldowns so they can't exactly ban them all. fuck I bet some of the admins use pulldowns too.
  9. by a noticeable amount?
  10. apd cant chase ifrits with hunters and striders because they go something like 5-10 km/h slower. with cop ifrits, cops will be able to chase rebel ifrits. cpl hunter is just a buff.
  11. then leave the server. all you do is whine and nobody cares
  12. apd ifrit when has finally been solved
  13. tbh the amount of armor we have now is fair. I think an APC would more or less give cops a free 10 man push and most rebel groups don't put enough people on first floor to counter that amount of people. The other thing is the limitation of captain+ would make it rarely used and for that reason I think it's too powerful and too much of a luck thing for rebels. You'd have to hope a captain doesn't log on and drop a fuckload of cops on drill right away. Also from reading the points other people wrote this honestly wouldn't do much to help cops in the first place. most rebels could probably kil
  14. ladies and gents, mr steve, gypsy king and shed tycoon
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