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  1. the problem being people on asylum have really conflicting and biased views and you could end up with someone who only bitches and gripes so their gang/faction's play style becomes more buffed.
  2. go suck off dom for an mk lmao
  3. even driving offroad basically renders spike strips useless,
  4. ifrit=armored vehicle=able to be seized hunter=armored vehicle=/=able to be seized hunters are meant for bounty hunting, if you use them as an alternative armor to ifrits then you should have seen this coming. dont wanna risk your mk200 loadouts against people with real guns?
  5. Love how every forums post devolves into some brainlet dick measuring contest
  6. this server doesnt have failrp
  7. half of my bans i've talked to the admins, given them my video, shown my friends initiated or some shit and they're like oh ok and unban me. The admins give a lot of bans that seem legit when they see one person's video but aren't.
  8. Me when the banning admin sees me in TeamSpeak with his name in parantheses and moves to a private channel
  9. good one farmer steve, add that one to my book of jokes
  10. Wow dude so toxic. Who even are you?
  11. Anywhere I can get to DP14 quick. budget of around 2.5m if it comes to that.
  12. and i thought i had the gayest comments on the forums
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