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  1. sorry massa i spent it all on chicken
  2. cool idea but good luck getting the devs to take on a project this big
  3. That your gypsy trailer in the back?
  4. cool, not important but cool
  5. The addition of hunting has enticed many people to try it out and see if they can't make a tidy profit. Unfortunately, it seems that a meaningful profit is not really on the table with the new update, as the money gained from selling cooked meat is quite low. Seeing as it's a new moneymaking method, it doesn't require real estate, and it's legal, I can see why it may not be viable for the more seasoned players on the server to use it. With that in mind, I think a few small improvements could be made that will make hunting a better idea for newer players, and those wanting to have a bit of fun
  6. whoever re added hunting grounds i fucking love you
  7. This is prime pmc material right here. If this man doesn't get into pmc they've clearly forgotten their roots. Rdm and racism is a core value of pmc.
  8. zdats a real one for giving yall a van and a chopper
  9. don't you have a grindr date to suck off?
  10. I wonder if you find shit to get angry about in a desperate plea for attention or you're just normally a stuck up retard
  11. Niklaus


    $2000 and a row of subway coupons. they expire next week so clocks ticking on this offer.
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