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  1. fuck yeah. except for steve. we like steve
  2. don't be mean to william he's trying his best
  3. spikes mean absolutely nothing off-road. even on roads they're easy to avoid and glitch out about half the time anyways. My main problem is that armor on armor means the rebels can simply pull ifrits and ram our armor until they win, and we can't do anything back because we have limited supplies of armor usually and don't even have any weapons that could shoot rebels out of their ifrits. The biggest problem when comparing cop and rebel armor v armor fights is that one side is usually invincible in their armor and the other side is anything but.
  4. bad idea. cops are severely disadvantaged when moving and getting attacked on the way. ifrit spam is especially dangerous because at any point at least 75% of cops don't have 7.62 so they can do jack shit against ifrit glass. what I see happening is rebs armor on armoring until we run out of armor or just ripping us out of our armor, and then we lose like we always do. If you want to make this an event every cop is going to need access during the event to loadouts with MK1s or MXMs or something more powerful than the MX.
  5. would be awesome if we didn't have rat admins who ban people for fucking with their rat gangs.
  6. the sweat is naturally inclined to spend more time shooting at npcs than actually playing the fucken game
  7. this actually made me cry. fredz your voice is just... beautiful.
  8. once again, it's a disstrack. if the pussy who made it can't get dissed then w h y t h e f u c k d i d t h e y m a k e a d i s s t r a c k
  9. ""But that is not the way it go on Asylum my guy" -Don Julio 1:03 - 1:07" - Vince, 3 minutes ago. if you can make a disstrack about like 10 different people I think you can handle a bit of shittalk. if not then just don't make a cringy ass disstrack?
  10. tf you think im 45? you're probably a fetus you're out here defending a retard who made a videogame disstrack like what's your stake in this.
  11. I'm gonna reiterate, if you make an asylum diss track you're automatically the biggest loser on the server and everyone else in the server has the right to make fun of you for it.
  12. I honestly wonder if kavala rats act this retarded in real life or if it's just a character they put on for the server.
  13. shh ik he's not new
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