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  1. I followed sugarfoots guide and now I’m an absolute unit. It’s insane. Youll need an army to take me down these days. @Batcan would still smack my shit up though. He s not human
  2. I (head of Envy Clandestine Services & The Peoples Leader) have decided to hang up the steering wheel and pack the meth in, good luck to the rest of you, if you wish to contact me you can swing by the local park and catch Lister and I shooting up some heroin
  3. Do you not understand how big my brain is? Matched with sheep’s massive iq it would of taken us an hour at max.
  4. Took you this long to figure it out? Me and sheep would of had it fixed years ago.
  5. any freeloading inactives will be kicked starting this week, I want at least 1,000 meth sold per week from everyone.
  6. bamf took gnashes to dinner, you know how much that is?
  7. stop being a fucking pussy and vdm anyways
  8. get it replaced or get on the laptop, we have meth to be running
  9. looking for active meth runners! your schedule must be able to fit atleast 5 hours of meth running every morning (bst/gmt anywhere from 4am to 3pm)
  10. dont blame him tbh arma is boring recruiting for minecraft factions pm apps
  11. Jimbo

    Siege minitage

    should've made a terrorist hunt montage, players would of been better
  12. BUMP! Looking for active players to join the forces, new players welcomed!!
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