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  1. Jimbo


    We are willing to negotiate some terms
  2. 1. snailbois 2. Envy no other gangs matter
  3. trials not listed, 923 was not using the necessary software to be a true snailboi spideylegs.exe will be provided upon your promotion to member
  4. snailboi roster leaders snailboi808 members snailboi800 snailboi801 snailboi802 snailboi803 snailboi804 snailboi805 snailboi806 snailboi807 snailboi809 snailboi810 snailboi652 snailboi182 trials not listed
  5. old mans still breathing huh
  6. shame u havent tested positive
  7. thats not a helipad
  8. rumour has it hes still playing league 18 hours a day inside the barracks
  9. fuck up retard or i'll move you up on the list
  10. nah he'd atleast bring his diamond sword and/or pickaxe
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