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  1. nah he'd atleast bring his diamond sword and/or pickaxe
  2. Ok we are sorry to hear you’ve experienced this on our server, Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  3. nightfury was lagging. it's obvious whats going on here. punk
  4. If people listened to widsyy there would be 10 kids sat on star baiting each other
  5. pete

    i saw a post man today who looked exactly like you, if he was in a wheelchair I would have chanced it being you and pushed him into oncoming traffic

    1. Batcan


      can't joke about this man, RIP jimbo you will be missed.

  6. open it every other day when am avin a shite
  7. lol what a fucking shit gnag
  8. Easy day of cartels for the boys. Ifrit driver liqins smokes are better than ever. Undefeated
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