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  1. https://imgur.com/a/cqSAvAj Great house for gathering ephedra without a hassle, or even afk.
  2. Fuckk if only I had a montage of me fucking RKS and stealing shit lmaoo
  3. How much would you pay per mk200 in bulk?
  4. @Gape HorneIll sell you 2 dp14 3cs right next to black market and meth.. for 5.5 mil a
  5. You fucked urself lmao you can make 1 mil in a day withthese houses
  6. not posting location for safety purposes lmao pm me tho ill give them to the right person
  7. Goodluck finding a house man. all i gotta say
  8. I own three 3cs in dp14. pm me if you want one, I will price match!
  9. I own 3 of them in dp15. if you wanna do a huge deal on all 3 lmk.
  10. fan, dont look at my profile again

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