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  1. Its sad too see as long as iv'e been here but I don't see it coming back. No one gives a fuck. not even the developers, They've proved that enough with neglecting updates. The reason i'm not that active anymore is because they threw my favorite update (crypto) under the bus and forgot about it.
  2. Prices should stay where they are. We dont need a whole bunch of armoured vehichles on a life server
  3. How about 7% increase PLUS 12% and 3 houses filled with 1000 plants each, and one person to process. do the math on that lmao
  4. This is is how I know your an immature pea brain
  5. Im selling all the houses seen in the picture. No lowball offers, if your interested pm me and we can work it out.
  6. now wheres comp for the ones lost? lol this sucks i spent all my money hoping to make a good investment and i still dont see any potential in the long run even
  7. The crypto mining patch is fucked. not ready yet
  8. If you were killed in the making of this video, comment
  9. https://imgur.com/gallery/DyMCNpN Weed pro garage 240m away. Perfect for destroying anyone in processing. Bid starting at 2.5 mil leave an offer in comments if your interested.
  10. Im the only one with houses on the market rn, ill sell u a 3c 150m away for 5 mil lmao that house is soo good
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