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  1. I actually like the middle island idea. Use of ghillies would be imperative and would create a pretty decent cqb-mid range combat as there is alot of points of cover.
  2. Ebola


    Arson kits brother. they work wonders
  3. Ebola


    I dont think it would be bad imo. especially if made very expensive. 50-100k price tag
  4. Ebola


    SPAR 16S for rebels/BH without the ability to purchase the 100rnd Mags. Imo this would increase the usage of the Spar due to the slightly better range stats. Would also boost BH QOL as it it is a great variant to add. 9mm/5.56 Suppressors - Make them illegal to possess/expensive to buy but would also be a great addition to the server for all factions. Still can see the tracer rounds that are automatically in the ammunition for the weapons that can have these equipped so you still would be able to see where the rounds are coming from. Would open up the window for some great RP scenarios too. Spar Lethals for BH - Can we please have these added as either a magazine or toggle ability. Should still only be available for those that have unlocked Apex Predator talent. Excess Honor - I currently have 330k in unused honor. Can we turn this is into a BH blood money system or even possible use it to increase the Bounty Cap. Maybe for every 1 honor = .5 of increase for bounty cap. I.E. trade 50k worth of honor to move the 175k limit up by 25k to 200k....Obv cap the bounty cap at reasonable limit like 225k or 250k?
  5. Great point. Careful though, apparently that's not a "valid" reason as to why you should get something. May get this thread locked just by saying that magical phrase.
  6. But you were driving on the wrong side of the road lol?
  7. Could affect cartel fighting for sure but the whole 4 shots to disable an ifrit isn't that big of a deal. 1 rpg can disable one. A cop can spike it from any vehicle he desires. You can be pulled out of one by a cop with a click of a button. 2 tapped by a mk-1. 1 tapped with a shotty etc. I truly think devs should have a trial period for some of these suggestions. No one really knows how it's going affect gameplay until it is live.
  8. I agree however if they are added...... Storing them inside houses could be disabled to prevent players from refilling them
  9. Why not add them in for a few and if it goes awry then remove them.
  10. Ebola

    4-Five for Civs

    Title says it all. Please add into rebel/turf shops. If UCs/Capt can have Zubrs it only makes sense to have 4-Five for civs. Add both Khaki and Sand variants if possible.
  11. that camo needs to be added
  12. Welp I know who you voted for this past election.....where is @Liberal Tears when we need him
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