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  1. OR.....you could make the best financial decision ever...and buy a Digital Storm Bolt X like I did (approx 4k total) and then have your custom coolant system leak. Send it all the back to CA from FL and wait 8 weeks. Then have it returned. Dont forget that you upgraded to a 1080 whilst in repair. Have shipped back to you... Coolant system may or may not leak for the second time... and wash rinse... repeat?
  2. Id be sui vests and rdm as many people as I possibly could
  3. Come watch Envy get globaled by Ubisoft*
  4. @Patato I appreciate the detailed response. My previous comment was merely a joke. All jokes aside, your points are valid. But look at it from this standpoint BH with a fuck-ton of honor should be able to purchase it (at a cost). I also thoroughly believe that rebels should have access to the 4-five. I see no valid reason as to why it is on available to LT's who in which mostly do not carry/utilize.
  5. ^^^ It was a great thing to have until an event happened and everyone had one. I'd pay to have em back
  6. Looks like the majority has spoken. I gladly accept my new role as Administrator and look forward to working with each and every one of you guys!!!! @bamf @Gnashes @Paratus
  7. Ebola

    Change log 8.0.6

    @bamf @Gnashes Here are some suggestions, that although maybe small changes it would definitely give the content a good mix up. * Survival Fatgiues + US Tropic Camo variants ( All of them would be awesome including NVGs) to rebel/BH/UC * Possible addition of adding the Armed Prowler + Qilin? It's not 100% armored and can eliminate the gunner. (Give APD justice wagon back as a balance?) * 9mm Silencers * Give Rebels access to 4-Fives (make it pricey if need be) * Bring back Entity Suits (make it a donor rank if you wish) (though I dont play much, Much appreciate the effort you guys put in)
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