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  1. appreciate it bro thanks
  2. Anyone else running Astro A50s? If so does your microphone stop working in game/teamspeak while playing. I can't figure it out but my microphone just stops working at random times during the game and requires me to close out of everything and restart TS and ArmA. LMK if y'all know of a fix for this. Thank you!
  3. Which ones? I went through the donor list and only saw Green NVGs which are different from Tropic & rebreather my error.
  4. Was looking through the virtual arsenal and curious to see if these variants can be added of already existing items in the game. (All listed variants have no difference in armor level and are purely cosmetic to my knowledge). 1. NVG (Tropic) 2. Light Combat Helmet (Tropic & Woodland) 3. CTRG Carrier Lite Vest 4. Modular Carrier Lite (Geometric) 5. GA Carrier Lite (Digital) 6. CSAT Rebreather for those who have CSAT Wetsuit unlocked *** 9mm Suppressor (for Rook, P07, Protector 9mm, etc)....shit why can't we do 5.56 Suppressors for both factions? *
  5. Yoooo! I was active from 2015-2019 looking to see how many OGs are still running around. I truly miss the 911 "China #1" gang using their translators to say "fuck you mother!" Them fuckers used to harvest all the barley and farm the shit out of some scotch. Anyways soon as this shit is done downloading gonna hop in couple jets and maybe vdm some unsuspecting helicopters flying around (preferably orcas) but I'll settle for a humming bird See yall out there!
  6. OR.....you could make the best financial decision ever...and buy a Digital Storm Bolt X like I did (approx 4k total) and then have your custom coolant system leak. Send it all the back to CA from FL and wait 8 weeks. Then have it returned. Dont forget that you upgraded to a 1080 whilst in repair. Have shipped back to you... Coolant system may or may not leak for the second time... and wash rinse... repeat?
  7. Id be sui vests and rdm as many people as I possibly could
  8. Come watch Envy get globaled by Ubisoft*
  9. @Patato I appreciate the detailed response. My previous comment was merely a joke. All jokes aside, your points are valid. But look at it from this standpoint BH with a fuck-ton of honor should be able to purchase it (at a cost). I also thoroughly believe that rebels should have access to the 4-five. I see no valid reason as to why it is on available to LT's who in which mostly do not carry/utilize.
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