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  1. you guys are straight up giving away money? fr?
  2. I am trying to sell about 40 MXMs for probably 10 - 20k a piece. Let me know if you would like to buy some.
  3. You’re a fucking weirdo for writing all that, but the skins might be a good change. The rest of what you wrote is just stupid. I would lose too much reputation What are you even talking about??
  4. what if the governor could have some control over the weather?
  5. You should be able to force restrained players to consume drugs. It could be part of the rebel talent tree if it gets added maybe.
  6. You got there too late and someone came and took all the flawless diamonds. It takes 15 - 30 minutes to fill your SDV with flawless and cut diamonds. (you almost always get over 100 flawless, which sell for 1.4k each) and the final payout is usually >150k. This event is OP, please stop bringing it up so the devs dont nerf it.
  7. they should just make all NVG's be fullscreen. any time you turn on night vision, it covers your whole screen. i dunno why its only the brown ones
  8. Add even more random events. Rebel airdrops, plane crashes, shipwrecks, UFOs, and the new earthquakes are all great, and seem pretty simple to make. A few more would be even better.
  9. the pink looks ugly af anyway, why not just make it the same design as rebel airdrops/plane crashes?
  10. Sheds should have more inventory space than a standard large house. They are clearly quite bigger and have more room. I think they should add like 300 physical inventory and maybe 500 virtual. Physical inventory definitely needs to be buffed, idk about virtual.
  11. the keybinds like 1, H, Y, U, Tab, etc. are all default, you cant change them.
  12. What I’m asking is do rdm rules still apply? Before the update, you could still kill restrained people as long as they were initiated with you. I’m asking if using the new executions counts as “killing” someone and must only be done to people you are initiated with.
  13. Are you sure? That’s pretty fucking dumb lol
  14. Whoa that’s the name of the server! Do RDM rules apply or are donor 7+ allowed to RDM people who comply now?
  15. Did you see my missiles idea? https://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/117178-new-fed-event/&do=findComment&comment=841093
  16. Discord channel permissions do let you whitelist specific players
  17. I agree that it would be really cool to bring infamy back, but if rebels get a special talent tree equivalent to the honor system, then it will make rebels vs bounty hunters even more unbalanced. I think we also need stuff added to BH to keep it balanced, because this would make rebel objectively better. Infamy could replace war rating Some of the top level perks could be to purchase rare and currently unobtainable stuff, like: Shotgun pellets RPK Zafir Obviously this stuff would have to be really expensive, but being able to purchase this stuff from a store would be cool if it's balanced.
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