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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/mayhem_vf?referrer=raid
  2. That was some impressive shit. Good moves.
  3. KrazyKnight

    IRL Droning

    Just say it's a new method of patrolling.
  4. @BlackShot I'm still gonna bully you.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Now please enjoy your free blankets.
  6. You definitely won't have your houses anymore. Not sure about your cash.
  7. I fucking did it boys. I hit 1k followers on my twitch. Too happy right now

  8. almost 1k on followers on twitch. hell yeah

  9. Why can't I cannibalize people? I want to be Asylums best chef, but I CAN'T COOK PEOPLE. 

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    2. KrazyKnight
    3. Mayhem


      Wouldn’t want to eat anyone here, a lot of them are too salty

    4. Batcan
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