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  1. Time to camp down meth boys.
  2. You're also forgetting the quilin mini gun. Those have doors.
  3. Note that they lost that fight too.
  4. If you want my opinion, I feel as so this is fair. Though I really feel as if you should sell your additions if you don't want them anymore. For instance if the market isn't in favor of an aging barrel why have it? Be better to off load that and lessen the blow of your bill in my opinion.
  5. Who's the pilot though?
  6. I have an Athira house that's 5 meters away from square if you're interested.
  7. My thoughts exactly on this. In the overall grand scheme of things, even with Scotch going back to the way it was, it wouldn't produce as much money as LSD would for example. Probably a nerf coming for the new shit that's around but that's only me guessing.
  8. It doesn't need to be easier just make it so it's worth doing in general. As it stands now, the value doesn't justify the need to do distillery runs unlike before. Why I suggested the other way of increasing value but keeping the system the same. Not sure if I was clear enough when I made that in case that got lost in translation.
  9. Been back for about a week and been mostly Civ side. I got to say; I'm happy with all the illegal options you can do now; it's really cool. However, I feel that Scotch could use some love, primally make it more valuable, or remove the need to go back to the distillery. I think that Scotch is /really/ just a passive way to make an income while you do other illegal farming like LSD or Meth (If that's even worth anymore.) I'm interested in what other people have to say about this, and I feel I'm not alone on this one.
  10. I was banned irl for a bit.
  11. Sweet Jesus never thought I'd see the day that @DarkKnightwould go into retirement. Feels odd.
  12. Dude holy shit I loved this game mode back in the day. Giving me some hype.
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