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    Default smoke

    @PatatoLook at the votes, who can possibly flame you for changing the smokes? The 4 people that have voted no on the poll? There are 26 people if not more in support of this which is an absolute majority, despite the fact if you get complained at just link this and tell them they had their chance to vote, for the love of god just change it please. I've put up polls, other people have put up polls, its arma 2022 smoke blur is nice but it would be original and refreshing just to revert back to the normal smokes and allow smoke exploiting to happen. Should also encourage slamming and discourage roaching as you can actually shoot out without smoke blur.
  2. Timing


    of course, thats why I've made this and got people to express their opinion
  3. Timing


    @PatatoTheres genuine support behind smoke changes, just wasnt shown in that other post
  4. Timing


    smokes are very shit compared to other servers, they allow for a lot of vision in and not any vision out and are only really fair if you are both deep in smoke and see eachothers name tags because you probably cant see their player model as its too blurry. Blur needs significantly reducing or just removing as the current smokes are just too bad
  5. I don't give a shit about whats good, it shouldn't be the same map every week and thats the idea behind this post. Sahrani and zargabad are both good maps in addition to utes but don't see nearly enough use.
  6. the others are perfectly fine, utes was the only good map when the server was in the ground but now theres more players there should be more diversity in the maps rather than that small piece of shit
  7. play it full speed (1:38) and you can see its just where you aim after you drop?
  8. Once a map has been voted for on one dom, it cant be voted for on the next therefore creating more variation in the maps rather than it just being utes every week, other servers do this and its effective.
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