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  1. yo sick frit rip on dom earlier
  2. it would work now because of the shitty times they do, so all the NA players that want to play NA times on a NA server can at least make weekend times.
  3. good luck getting any changes done.
  4. dont disrespect bud light like that
  5. good thing im not asking you
  6. @Mitch (IFRIT) what do we have to get this to for the time to change?
  7. @Mr. Slickdont know if anyone has told you but kills for SRT are not saving i had like 43 from last dom and i was wiped when i logged in this time.
  8. tbf i think we could all agree on at least changing it from 2 week days an 1 weekend day to 2 weekend days and 1 weekday. crazy to me to who ever came up with that idea.
  9. it is an hour and a half past the latest time we want it to start and you are still on the forums, safe to say times no matter what they are does not effect you. i can agree with you here though
  10. could always go to Friday, Saturday, Sunday push it back an hour and EUs will defiantly not be affected because its a weekend and all NAs should be off work. People that have jobs cant make these current times.
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