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  1. maybe i wont have to play olympus anymore
  2. Gaining control of populated towns has nothing to due with federal event spams, the reason cops dont deal with larger cities and im assuming you mean Kavala is because if you go to a larger populated city you deal with mass amounts of kids sitting in locked houses with tasers. If you want cops to come to those cities more often Sergeants need to be able to open locked doors this is not raiding a house its just opening a door to get the victim out and then leaving. but im sure that wont happen because for some odd reason that is to OP and sitting in a locked house where no one can reach you isn
  3. this has embarrassed me many times, thank you.
  4. @Mitch (IFRIT) i really dont understand your thought process. I get what you are saying about people msg you after unbaning some one, but a lot of the people that msg you actually got caught for cheating. CRH got ban by a server that has an average play time of 400 hours. every staff member from C4G that sees some one playing like most kids do know a days on these Life server will probably be ban just because they dont usually see kids with 5k+ hours playing their servers. You are pretty much ignoring this ban because you dont want to be bothered by other retards that were actually cheating, i
  5. ik the guy that owns it Roidrage he was like one of the first people i played arma with, he has actual issues. i use to be in their little C4G clan thing.
  6. https://gyazo.com/7975586f45c9c5473aaa69ed2e8a7d53 Another reason you dont trust KOTH staff. Most of them have no experience on arma, a good reason you were probably ban is in that ss.
  7. This ban seems pretty wack. honestly how would any life server not look at this ban and just laugh at it. They just ban some one for shooting at a person over a click out, i hope you guys saw actual proof of him cheating and did not just copy a KOTH server ban.
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