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  1. good idea needs tweaks though, like 15% faster on bank drilling. bank is already a quick event.
  2. wait what? who tells you these things none of this is true.
  3. @Ethan Darrell this aim is looking very familiar.
  4. actually a good idea, something for people to grind for.
  5. cops are not OP but you guys are going to get your nerf coming oct 1.
  6. cop tage, what i like to see.
  7. Timers are fine how they are, shooting yourselves in the foot if u change it. We will have another post in a couple months if that, telling devs to change back the way it is.
  8. This is not me saying he is not cheating. But i don't know why everyone is freaking out looks like a pretty typical montage nowadays.
  9. Oly wiped in like 2015 the server was hardly out when it wiped thats why it was almost closed this is not the same situation. Also please if you decide to wipe @Mitch (IFRIT) have a release date and a time people can be on for it not the middle of a work day. pleasessseese
  10. whaaaaaat you were in explicit?
  11. i was complementing you man, why are you taking it so hard?
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