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    Rebel camping

    Adding a rule says you can't camp in illegal areas is just stupid tbh. Its illegal area if you dont want to get killed then dont go to it or if you want to go you have expect someone is waiting right there and this is what altis has been for years changing it now is not a good idea imo.
  2. Ahm2d

    Changelog April

    now we are talking gj devs
  3. What big shawn said
  4. in my opinion adding s2 will kill the server even more because right now with 1 server its not doing alright in normal days only in weekends
  5. wrost idea for altis i have ever seen if you want this go play anzus
  6. alrriiighhtt bro
  7. server is balanced already? i dont think you play s1 that much its either cops too good for the small gangs and end the federal event in 5 min max or big gangs too good for cops they kill cops until they make them rage quit its been like that for a while. And since the server pop 40-70 make ctrg max 10 people until server pop gets up and add to that any ctrg member should not be in the apd and should not be in a gang
  8. no you got the idea wrongly, if ctrg align with cops then there is nothing to be punished for but if they align with gangs against cops then they should be treated like any other criminal if they did it properly and choose the right guy to lead it it will be a great idea as i said in the suggestion this shouldn't be copy paste like other server devs can put their own touches into it and make it a little bit different and make it fit the server perfectly
  9. In my opinion we are witnessing a very bad updates recently at least in my opinion for the last couple of updates it has always been a new federal event or new skins thats it there is no big game changing updates thats what making the server popularity goes down the only good thing in the last couple of updates is weapon sway thats it. Dont get me wrong we appreciate the devs and we appreciate the time they spend on the server. But what i see from my side a new faction would be a great idea a faction we have never seen before in asylum its called CTRG ( Combat Technology Research Group ) CTRG otherwise known as Combat Technology Research Group is a specialized faction that contains some of the best combat oriented people on the server. It will be a whitelisted faction that can carry out special operations with different factions and groups. CTRG’s main objective is to create a level playing field for all groups on the server. This is to try and keep one group from dominating another. For instance if a certain gang is obliterating cops then CTRG might align with cops, but if cops are doing the same to other gangs then CTRG may assist them. This idea is taken by other servers but this doesn't mean that you copy paste the idea you can put your touches and make it a little bit different than other server's. This will make the server more balanced and it might not fit asylum perfectly but you can make it fit no matter what and i know its gonna take time to make the rules and some rules have to be changed in my opinion this is a game changing for asylum and its a exceptional idea and in my opinion it should be done. CTRG has to have their own base and their own clothing and the guns its ok to have the same as rebels. We will have no problem if this idea takes 3 or 4 months to get it done. This will not effect the APD and ctrg shouldn't have more than 15-20 active members. Thanks for reading.
  10. unfortunately your opinion doesn't matter
  11. do i know you? trying to figure out who are you but i dont know you and unfortunately your opinion doesn't matter appeal again in 14 days
  12. Ahm2d

    Domination Updates

    1k kills for rpk is pretty low and everyone will complain about it i think 2000 kills+ is fair
  13. Ahm2d

    Domination Updates

    Reduce uncap time and add more guns for the srt because 500 kills is easy to get and most players can get it with a couple of doms and after you get 500 kills the srt will be pointless and there is no motivation for srt players. My suggestion add MK200 at 1000 kills RPK at 3000 kills and i don't know what guns you can add to the srt but srt need more guns and need high kill guns like the civillians have in their shop and there is no problem if you add the rpk or mk200 with a little bit high price for the srt
  14. the best thing to do with srt is seperating it from the apd this is absolutely the best thing for the domination server in general but the dev's dont want to waste their time to change anything in the domination server
  15. Ahm2d

    SRT Faction

    I agree with you but there is no competition right now in the domination everytime same gang wins the other gangs can't compete with them so at that point the domination server will get more boring because we always know who is gonna win making the srt faction or you can call it srt gang because by the end of the day you need teamwork in the srt same as gang's. Right now there is no teamwork in the srt and its not organized and there is some players join as an srt and they are not in the teamspeak i know there is no rule say's you have to join the srt domination channel but if it stays like that there will never be a teamwork in the srt. In my opinion separating APD and SRT is the best thing you can do in the domination server it will bring more people to the domination server and it will make the srt more organized. And the srt will end the controlling thing for one gang.
  16. Ahm2d

    SRT Faction

    i don't think there is much effort to do this idea they can unwhitelist everyone in the srt (domination server) and make a teamspeak roles and discord roles and they have to choose a commander and the commander will choose the srt players and command and just whitelist them but maybe the effort thing is they have to do an applications for the srt in the forums. no need to change any guns or anything inside the game
  17. Ahm2d

    SRT Faction

    I believe separating APD and SRT would be a good idea. And making an SRT faction with command (SRT Commander, SRT Command, SRT Member) and the whitelist will be only for the srt member's. And copying how SWAT works in the APD is also a good idea they choose the good player's to join the SWAT. This will improve the srt and make the domination have more competition. As we saw before several months until now the domination is being controlled by one gang i can't even remember when is the last time we saw another gang win the domination and i think making an SRT faction will solve this problem even for the future. And making the SRT faction will make SRT more organized and it will give the opportunity for all the community player's APD, Civ, Medic to join the SRT faction. And the another idea is to make SRT only go for the gang who's winning it's going to make the domination more fun and give the other gang's a chance to get closer for the winning gang. In my opinion the first idea will make the domination more fun and it give's the opportunity to all asylum player's and there is player's without a gang and they don't know any gang owners to join any gang the srt will give them a chance to join and this will even make more people join the domination as we know this days the domination server doesn't hit more than 60 players and both of idea's will end the one gang always winning it will give another gang's a chance.
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