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  1. That is event disruption make a report, that section of the wiki was derived directly from the patch notes associated with its inception. Also, if a cop is doing that make an IA, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that is not intended to be a mechanic.
  2. If you intimidate voters you’re gay
  3. I mean not a bad idea at all, one issue I foresee is that I feel like the AFD is the Wild West rn. There were feds this past weekend where there were four medics for rebels none for cops, blocking our shots with hunters etc. I feel like there wouldn’t be a way to counter this if for example someone dropped one on the roof of bank, and suddenly there’s unlimited medical supplies and assistance. Obviously this can be adjusted with policy/code but food for thought.
  4. First offense bounty hunter with 10 hours, a po7 and carryall? Fuck yeah perm that guy
  5. I like this one a lot. Take the mobile hq and make it a little bit more defensible, “APD has setup a mobile command post to investigate a robbery, they will be especially vulnerable while they unload the stolen loot”
  6. Fitz

    new gun

    Just based off of using the RPK as an example its a hard weapon to get plus is a LMG, where I think this one is marksman? Plus with the 16-s there is a reason that SGT+ arent allowed to drop it, because it has the ability to spawn in bipods, something like that is much harder to regulate with civs.
  7. Fitz


    At least with my initial thinking that would be part of it, something like for smaller caliber things armor is capped lower, and for higher caliber thing maybe armor is cheaper.
  8. Fitz


    I definitely see what your saying here, after flushing it out a little more I envisioned the processing ones built more into the game like the chop “looking for car” would be. Ideally there would be a specialty trader who players would sell specific items to on a restart-restart basis, and after completing a certain number of sales (5000 x item per restart ex) the player would get a bust-like boost on prices. Almost like how the old OP seasonal quests were but for rotating items and for short time. in terms of the guns while there are obviously more guns on a modded instance I think there’s still plenty, here’s just what I can think of off the top of my head for different classes. Pistol Rook,Po7,P09,Acp,Zubr,4-5, Smg(this is smallest) Protector,sting,vermin,sdar baby Ar spar,car,katibas,mx family, trgs, type, etc while there’s not 150 of each type I think pistols only or smg only would be a fun event.
  9. I've been watching a bit of Arma videos recently and I had a couple ideas for new events. I think that the past couple community events have been good, but a few shorter ones could also be fun. Most of these I had envisioned would be for just a weekend, but they could also be different lengths. Maybe even as short as a restart for some of them, sort of like Ark SOTF used to be. [X-Gun/ Class only weekend] This is pretty simple, for a weekend the only weapons you would be able to pick up would be for example handguns only, or shotguns only. Those were the first two I thought of but maybe hunting rifles could be a fun one as well. I imagined that it would be done similarly to how it used to be with talents and holding 7.62's, so you would only be able to hold a certain type of weapon, and maybe others are temporarily removed from the store. [Reset Weekends] I think this could be fun to do every once and a while and there could be a lot of different prizes. Similarly, to how it was last year when they did the wipe weekend this would be a day or a weekend every once and a while where the server would use a blank database. At the end of the event prizes would be given out for Most money earned in the weekend, highest bounty earned, most blood money earned, most arrests, etc. Maybe some OP weapons or some blood money/ifrits could be given to the winners. [Fed Days/Weekends] Either different events are disabled or get boosted benefits for a limited time. Maybe Gas Stations are reduced in number temporarily and the benefits are increased and APD responses tweaked. [Double Bounty] This is fairly straight forward in that for a limited time charges would be worth twice as much as they currently are. For this one you would have to make an exception for the players that are classified as new (how it is for the searching thing). [$/ Blood $/Different Item Competitions] These could be broader and almost operate as a quest system, but maybe on any given day/restart there is a running competition for who can process the most cocaine, or make the most money, or get the most blood money. These would be maybe daily challenges and there could be automated rewards for getting 1st,2nd,3rd.
  10. We need to get the innate horn pack first courtesy of @Bandit's soundboard
  11. Fitz


    hey man just put a poll on your suggestion so people can like vote you know, without having to type out an opinion
  12. I made this a while ago for a new fed event up at the castle, but I think it fits your design fairly well too, only thing I'd probably change is move some of the outer courtyard canal walls so people can run up the rocks on the south side. Plus, a ladder to be able to get to the top of the castle from the inner courtyard(stairs) but I don't have time rn Front door protected by minefield** \ Back door Guardhouse with generator for disabling minefield Outer courtyard Outer from behind, Inner courtyard, (GOV is poor and keeps gold in 40k shack) Its tough to see from this angle but theres the other gate to get to the inner courtyard. I would envision back door becomes useful at this point inner from above Inner Obviously you can make it bigger by using the back half of the castle, but otherwise it is tough to put a barracks in there, unless you put it ontop*
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