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  1. Just out here breaking down racial stereotypes
  2. https://gyazo.com/4caace1dbdbca4376437a280ef95409b
  3. Forum drip. I was "King Kunta" by Kendrick when people view my profile playing in the background. Lets make this bitch Myspace fr
  4. Effective Immediately Prestige Weapons Constable+ may now use any prestige weapon they can purchase from their normal cop weapon shop Charges The following is a clarification on the correct weapon to be charged From Possession of High Powered Rifle - (Zafirs, RPG-42, Mar-10, M320 LRR, Cyrus, .45, SPMG, Lynx, Type 115 .50 cal mags) $10,000 To High Power Rifle Changes - Possession of Elite Weapons - (Zafirs, RPG-42, Mar-10, M320 LRR, Cyrus, Four Five, SPMG, Lynx, Type 115 .50 cal mags) $10,000
  5. Djmon

    Changelog March

    Effective Immediately your AR is Denied. 🥸
  6. @zdeat@Bush Tiger tap in
  7. We just need the Smirnoff Quadbike Parkour Admin event the server will Heal!
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