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  1. I still had issue not going to lie, even for my pc it was just so unstable.
  2. Will

    Best netflix shows

    Stranger Things, Mindhunters, American Horror Story, House of Cards, Breaking Bad,
  3. Will


    Take care @Google™ Pleasure knowing and playing with you. All the best
  4. Known you for almost 3 years but it feels much longer. Hope you get everything sorted. Maybe we can meet for a pint one day or tea and crumpets. All the best
  5. I agree with Budbringer I've always felt the Fed Gold bar base price should change dependant on the number of Cops Online the more cops online the higher the payout but also the higher risk. @Gnashes is this something that you could put forward to John or is he like heavily against increasing Fed payout It would also be cool if you could get Flawless diamonds also inside the vault like Budbringer said something to vary it up a little.
  6. To put it simply Cops should value their life. That doesn't mean they have to drop there gear when kidnapped. You roleplay well with me and come to an arrangement then I might be willing to drop some of my gear. If its crap then I am not going to just hand out free APD equipment. We have enough of that being given out by corrupt cops. I also enjoy trying to escape being kidnapped even if I have a very slim chance. Typical Scenario " Your being kidnapped we want your gear " At this point, I am a bit annoyed so I begin planning my escape I decide to play the nice guy. This will also be my decision as to if their roleplay begins to improve are they trying to negotiate with other cops or are they just being potato's wanting my gear. " Drop all your gear on the floor and you can go " Now I am like do I reward them for their tragic RP or do I a make an attempted escape and risk my life. So I decide to try an escape knowing I have a chance of dying whilst on duty. But these civilians could use my weapon to harm other officers so I am willing to take that risk " Ok we are going to un-restrain you and don't move at all just place your gun on the ground " You will never take me Alive !!!!!!!! The other alternative is to roleplay well talk with other cops negotiate the officer's release. The old days I remember all sorts being negotated. From Donuts, Spike strips, SUVs Various things. Even money if it isn't unrealistic. Usually, about $30k per hostage would be about right. If you roleplay well then depending on the officers you could be getting $30k richer for basically roleplaying doing nothing. Disclaimer: Some cops may be really special and don't know how to roleplay themselves so it goes both ways
  7. I miss those days. Sting one shot down almost
  8. I agree with Gnashes. It can be so frustrating when some of us put a lot of our own time in to make sure Player Reports and Compensations are dealt with as quickly as possible whilst someone else is just riding the bus. After everything blew up around this Admin thing. I've spent the last 3 days along with some other admins keeping the Player Reports and Comps answered as quick as possible when I should have really been working and doing my actual Job. There is currently 1 Player report waiting for a reply and 1 Comp Request waiting for a reply so were in a good position at the moment.
  9. Welcome If you need a name change feel free to message myself or another admin and we can look into for you doesn't take us very long
  10. A simple thread turned it to a typical retarded bitch session. When will people grow up. Nice shooting mathy. I'll get you next time !
  11. I am really glad @Buckwalter and @Sneaky covered this. I haven't been an Admin that long I thought I might have been the only one that felt this so kept quiet. I am fortunate being a fairly new Admin I still enjoy doing Player Reports, Compensations and helping people out but everything you guys covered is 100% correct. I hope everyone reads their posts to fully understand sometimes what we all go through. The forum threats, random toxicity, salty players over not getting compensation. All of this toxicity burn's people out. I want to be able to come on after work help as many people out and have fun in-game not babysit a bunch of children. The community has changed a lot since I and many others started playing. I Join the server and its full of "Recorded Get Rekt", " Red is Dead" and a bunch of absurd language and toxicities its a real shame. What happened to the days of fun roleplay both with civilians and cops. I have made mistakes as an admin and I learned a lot from the position but with the inconsistencies, the Admin vs APD. It gets tiring. I just try and do what I think is fair to the community and give everyone back the experiences I had when I first started playing.
  12. I love Florida Disney, Universal what more could you want. One day I'll move out there from the miserable depths of the UK. Maybe in a couple of years
  13. A lot of what we do simply comes down to how a ban appeal comes in how it is formatted same with player reports. t adds a massive amount of time to something that could take a few minutes Things that increase our response time to Ban Appeals 1) You don't @Will the admin in question. It will get lost and never read if your lucky another admin will pick your appeal and tag one of us. I'll be honest I hardly ever look through the ban appeal thread I wait to see a notification that I have been tagged in. 2) Poor formatting or no explanation/evidence. If you provide a valid explanation and suitable evidence we can deal with the appeal on the forums rather than having to talk in TeamSpeak sometime. No evidence or explanation or just an unbelievable explanation I am going to want to speak with you. 3) Missing Player IDs. Literally useless if you don't include it
  14. I will discuss this with the Captains because giving anyone access will grant edit access with moderation to the entire Wiki. I have no issues as we have moderation control for approval but I just want to make sure. If anyone is interested being able to add content to the Wiki feel free to PM me and if we go ahead we can have a little discussion.
  15. @Ninja Better Version here Credit to @Alec-I
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