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  1. this, pygros hq is already way to close to bank and prison, no change needed
  2. Nice tage my dood, tbHaych the song is sub par
  3. stay there fat fuck
  4. best you got? 10v9 ddosing 4 or 5 people and still u lose and have the balls to bitch about the outcome, hahah what a fucking joke
  5. yeah im sure this had nothing to do with 4 or 5 of the tenacity members having internet troubles, fuck off fatty u lost and still had the advantage
  6. Not joking got stranded at pyrgos rebel and ran to truck shop because i couldn't find the vehicle garage :/
  7. frantic is not in nexus anymore
  8. Idk

  9. stop making posts
  10. 1:47
  11. hes not wrong, chased him for a minute and shot him out lol
  12. its a script to prevent duping