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  1. stay there fat fuck
  2. best you got? 10v9 ddosing 4 or 5 people and still u lose and have the balls to bitch about the outcome, hahah what a fucking joke
  3. yeah im sure this had nothing to do with 4 or 5 of the tenacity members having internet troubles, fuck off fatty u lost and still had the advantage
  4. Not joking got stranded at pyrgos rebel and ran to truck shop because i couldn't find the vehicle garage :/
  5. frantic is not in nexus anymore
  6. Idk

  7. stop making posts
  8. 1:47
  9. hes not wrong, chased him for a minute and shot him out lol
  10. its a script to prevent duping
  11. negative, 0k bounty both times it happened and gives me a 5k after i kill them
  12. Ive been having a problem where my bounty hunter gun is lethaling shit is pissing me off