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  1. not another one ....
  2. Time Travel, moron....
  3. That, it loads really slow and looks really choppy for me
  4. That platform is terrible it loads like 2 fps
  5. Are you playing against people without arms? wtf
  6. @Clint Beastwood Lock Please
  7. Most the people that don't agree are career cops, or people that only fight feds from a cop perspective, me and Cory have fought many feds on both sides and if you have the right strategy you only need 4 entry points not 8, I didn't think this would be that big of a deal since it is completely unintentional from how the fed is supposed to be run, but if it needed a change do it through proper channels and not through a cosmetic update, thanks
  8. @Clint Beastwood start up an asylum mission file and we can test it, nothing works against that unbreakable beast, it fucking sucks if there is a way to break i would like to know
  9. still are, sui vests dont blow them up either
  10. The vans are not supposed to be used as swat ladders therefore it is by definition an "unintended feature". When the vans were added it was not for the purpose of jumping over things that were not meant to be jumped over, if actual swat ladders were added maybe because you actually have to climb the ladder instead of jumping on top of the van and being combat ready, but as is it makes the fed not worth doing and the downtick of feds done for money will show that, requesting lock please nothing else will come of this
  11. you can literally go anywhere on the wall and run almost 1/3 of the entire fed, there are a ton of places that rebels can't see and can't monitor before a cop gets there, if you do a fed as a rebel you would realize the overwhelming amount of blind spots rebels have when it comes to feds and they all can't be monitored for swat ladders the entire time, to make a fed even consider worth doing on server 1 with 15+ cops you would need 16 rebels to have a guaranteed win and by then the cut would be below 20k, not worth it in my books
  12. actually we finished the fed with half the bars, I just got fucked because a feature was in place for cops to get on top of the gate and down me from above, thanks buddy but you're kinda an idiot, experienced players if playing the right way should be able to beat the cops 7/10 times if not more and if that gets bumped down to 50/50 i think it should be fixed.
  13. Alright I've seen a lot of arguments but the main point is that this feature is unintended, not that the fed is unwinnable, maybe we could keep the vans but close a few of the deer stand jump spots with some edited h-barriers. idk just a suggestion but as is the fed is massively in favor of cops especially when they outnumber the rebels doing the fed which again is not how it should be. The devs got rid of multiple swat ladders for a reason
  14. just jump up on top, i've heard it's really eazy
  15. Its been balanced for a while now but the fact that the cops basically have unlimited swat ladders is kinda op, not really my thing to get fucked by an uninteded feature that gives a huge advantage to cops, could be a cop suggestion or dev suggestion but get rid of the vans for cops or make it so they can't get on top of them to use them as swat ladders.