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  1. Imagine needing to outnumber, outgun, and outarmor cops to win wouldent be me
  2. Could make a tree for drug trafficking, Ex: faster processing, faster gathering, more trunk slots Could make a tree for medic, Ex: 10-20% faster bloodbags, 5-10% faster revives, Could make a tree for a cartel bounty instead of the hitman system, Ex: for every act (murder, lockpicking, capping cartels) in the warzone or near a cartel, you get a small "rebel bounty", when you get killed and executed/respawn in these area by a rebel, they get the reward. The reward could be points for the tree or money
  3. Doesnt every bounty hunter have both perks? its only 500 honour... and if you have maxed out you still have 5 slots to put in the other tree. This change would only affect 1% of bounty hunters that likely cant even afford the mx or spar...
  4. No you cant, this is because maybe you think he was rdmed, but he might have sent them a message or was already inniated. And if you have no way of getting in contact with them, why would YOU be the one getting comped?
  5. If this did happened, they would need to make it so only LTs and higher should be able to start it. It would be dumb for a constable to start it by himself or with a super low amount of people on. Its also a bad idea because at a fed event, cops NEED to show up. At this event no rebel needs to show up so it can be free money for the cops
  6. I dont see the problem with this, if you camping its because your a bad player. Just make it so its a long animation and it tells the player the door is being broken, if you cant kill someone in a animation, maybe you should get better
  7. Should also add a icon when there is a active bank/fed/prison for cops because sometimes you will miss it and then you wont realise its active
  8. Make the redeploy not take 15 seconds, maybe make it so when its fed you can teleport from anywhere just like with evidance and then the problem will be fixed When swat is called at a smash and grab, I almost always make it in time, but that 15 seconds is the diffrence with them getting away and getting caught
  9. Accepted to the apd! We are always happy to have good players in our police force! please join the asylum teamspeak so we can start the interview!
  10. the new montage do be fire though
  11. If that happens I suggest doing a other drug, OR you can spawn in athira then drive all the way to weed
  12. If you get rdmed report it. If you get killed, spawn somewhere else. Getting kidnnaped? Dont go to Kavala. The major problems new players make is spawning kavala, getting killed then comming back over and over again when they have no chance of winning, if you know you have no chance, just go somewhere else. If you REALLY want to be in kavala you can go to atm at gas station and use the truck shop to get a car
  13. if you dont want to lose your licence, then dont shot the cop? Cops dont really take your bounty hunting licence for 5k, unless they saw you commit the crime worth 5k, so just turn yourself in when you see a cop and you will keep your licence, you dont need to fight back
  14. Nicolas March


    get good and push them? they are absolute garbage, get a armored car and they cant even hurt you since they use 6.5 or 5.56
  15. The way you sayed it, you make it seem like guns are more expensif when more players are on, what should be a thing is drugs sell for more when more people are on
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