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  1. Just log out, if they dont see you log out they cant report it
  2. You say it takes a big investment to do a fed but lets say its 30k per lodout, you have 10 guys so its 300k, your cars are 2 ifrits, 2 hunters and 2 tempest so a other 300k, if you succed you get gold worth between 1-2 million cops: 5-10k lodout, we die 2-5 times at fed so 10-50k per cop if we pull armor its 50-100k if we succed we get BOUNTY: 10k for robbing fed, lets say each rebel kill 5 people so 25k for manslaughter, 5k for other charges so we get 50k per rebel that we capture GOLD: we get 2k per gold bar we seize so if we catch you when you leave we get maybe 20-50k worth of gold we get to charge the 2 guys with keys for 150k for all the gold Total: cops get maybe 500k if they succeed Advantage rebel got: Rebels can use bombs the rebel can explain his charges and get a reduced ticket we also have no way to combat a armored car except if we have our own, but the ifrit is the fastest armored car in the game so we cant really ram them unless we have nitro You have better guns, armor and your defending You might also have a house that you can just snipe cops from and we cant do anything if we have no LT on Advantage cops got: Spikestrip: you can just not drive like a idiot and you wont be spiked free gear: Not all cops use free gear cheap gear: we die many times since we have to drive in a open field to even get close to the place at the fed events, and we also dont get acces to any 7.62 or armor unless your part of the 5% of cops The point is cops LOST money fighting at fed because their lodout was not worth the risk of getting a 50k bounty that would just explain his charges away while Rebels would be making millions selling gold
  3. Imagine thinking you should be able to keep a ARMORED ILLEGAL vehicle after commiting a crime
  4. Imagine thinking a feature that has been in the game for 5 years is a bug
  5. If they add parole they should make it so you get 0$ or a very low percentage so that it more of a option to give to someone that had good RP / is too poor to afford the ticket. It should also be something that gives you your bounty back if you break it. Alot of people would take the parole, break it then just pay the 25k bail
  6. pilot coverall is 5k gun is 3-4k misc items + smoke grenade + flashbang = 1.5k = 10k then you have to pay for your uniform and vest if you use the automatic thing so then its 12k
  7. "free money", 10k bounty to start fed, then you get 5 kills so then you have a 35k bounty, lethel so now its 50% of that, then you split it and you end up with 2k per person "free lodouts" we get a spar 16 and a lvl 2 vest, it takes 6 bullets to down a rebel in full pilot coveralls but you can 1-2 shot us. "infinite respawns" you also get that "close spawns" some rebels have closer houses to the events then the cops "cheap armor" Doesnt really matter when the higher ups dont take them out "cops dont know how to push" Its hard to push when you have 6 constables on and 10 rebels all with ifrits and we cant even get our own armor "swat gets free armor" Its so easy to shoot someone that is in a strider or a hunter I honestly feel more safe in a hatchback sport "cops are bad at the game and should do trainnings" I dont think going to one trainning is going to improove someone with 200 hours when he is fighting against someone with 5k hours "cheap lodouts" My lodout is 10k (armor, 1 flash and a mx) so when I cant even get into the fed or bank because the outside is being patrolled by multiple ifrits doesnt make me want to come back with my "cheap lodout"
  8. They should just make it so you can seize it if they dont have a bh licence, last time I cheaked its illegal for rebels to drive them but we cant seize them
  9. If you have a fourm account you should get a notification of what you did wrong so you can more easily make a ban appeal.
  10. You can get combat fatigue, and its the same, only problem is you cant get any of the other underwater items
  11. Its not allowed you can report it and you will get comp and them banned
  12. You need to use lockpicks from your phone because its unlocked but you dont have keys, so you still need to lockpick it to be able to use the trunk
  13. That prison would be imposible to push for cops and that bank would also be hard to get too since its up hill and a swerving road
  14. you died once then respawned at the same town, what did you expect? Also you should know that after 30 days of being inactive you lose all your houses, I have lost Millions of dollars worth of houses and gear, your lucky it was on server 2 since if it comes back you could still have them
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