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  1. The skin I made was more of a joke so if you do want to do a skin, I would suggest using your own pictures due to copyright and for bohemia reasons if you do make a skin for a large veicule you might need multiple texures for the front and back the script would be _objectname setObjectTexture [0, "texture.jpeg"]; _objetname is the name that you gave to the car, you can also use "this" instead _objectname setObjectTexture [1, "texture2.jpeg"]; texure.jpeg is the name of the texure that you made
  2. They should remove the ability to start a bank when the fed is being robbed, its just free money since cops are not going to go when fighting at fed
  3. go watch my newest montage gents


  4. 1) Cant make skins for guns, only cars and outfits (not vest) 2) You would need mods to do that animation
  5. My montage is finally out, dont forget to go LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE for future content
  6. that will never happen, and if it was to happen it would be like 100k. If it IS added, I would want to see this added for constables instead of only SGT+
  7. I made this skin for you weebs, if you want this ingame give it a like and I will send it to mitch
  8. I dont see the difference with you being downed if the mx is legal or not... its just a 2.5k charge and I doubt any rebel that is robbing a bank is thinking about their bounty... if it really is a problem, make it so if someone in your group has a illegal gun, then your mx becomes illegal.
  9. me with 200k bounty, me take parole, me run some pleb over in kavala me turn myself in for a 27k bounty, me now pay 27k instead of 200k.
  10. Making the guns illegal was a bad idea and doesn't have a reason to be illegal. It's just a 2.5k charge, but forces cops to fight a legal faction. I have run into bounty hunters with mx's and they don't want to fight me but they need to or they will lose their guns. This usually leads to a fight with them losing around 10k (charges and gun) or me being kidnapped for 10 minutes. Before a bh was wanted they would just put their hands up, now it's a fight with little to win for the cop and alot to lose
  11. You dont keep the gear when you sell a house
  12. hahaha! Great screenshot! keep this great content comming!
  13. Could also add swat roles for the lv2 swat members, would also recommand only having max of 5 swat or the same number of people that are doing the event Swat Marksmen has acces to mk-14(bad one) Swat Tank has lvl4 armor Swat Driver/Pilot can spawn a swat ifrit/hunter/strider/orca (only swat members aloud to drive it) Swat Support has access to MXSW and armed jeep (not good like the quillin and 50cal, can be usefull for suppress fire) would also recommand it so SWAT can only be pulled if there are less then 5 higher ups on (sgt+) and that each high ranking officer means one less slot for Swat (ex: 1 SGT and 1LT = 3 Swat Members)
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