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  1. if you want no stamina, use redgull or cocaine for reduced sway, use a different weapon, if you cant use 7.62 withouth missing, maybe use 6.5 or 5.56
  2. It should be based on loadout, very annoying when I get killed by a guy with a 30k loadout when im a fresh spawn and lose 8 war points because I have alot and he had none
  3. The whole point of a heist is to fight cops, this is a dumb suggestion. Utility's for houses was also removed because it was disliked by everybody
  4. Nicolas March


    Adding suppressors for SMG's and pistols does not sound like that bad of a idea (45ACP and 9mm) Spar16-S Should also be added to CPL+
  5. The point is to add it to both factions
  6. what would be the point of breaking into someones house? This would only unlock the doors, not any containers inside The whole point would be to make it easier to kill someone camping in a house while on civ, without a 7.62 its very hard to kill someone camping
  7. Nicolas March


    Make it so if you die in/near your house you cant spawn back in (like how cop HQ works) Also it would be great if you could make a system to unlock someone else's house door, right now the only people that can open locked doors are are LTs, and its very quick. The suggestion would be to make it so bolt cutters can be used to open someone's door, make it be a 1 minute animation that tells the house owner (if you cant kill a guy in a 1 minute animation, it sounds like a you problem). Then add bolt cutters to cops, or add a battering ram that does the same thing
  8. If they add a new drug a good idea I had was to have all parts of the journey be far away from each other and near or at a airfield, this way the best way to make money would be to use planes. The way it works would be: 1) you gather raw material near Sofia airfield, then you go to the airfield and pull out a plane 2) you fly to the next airfield to process it 3) then you fly to a other airfield to purify it 4) then you fly to the main airport, the airport would now have a new special drug dealer somewhere on the strip, or maybe you would need to pull a car from the airshop and transfer the materials from the plane to your car and then drive to a special drug dealer nearby The best way to do this process would be with a plane or heli, (maybe add more storage to the planes already in the game?) This would pretty much be drug runner mission, except the risk is higher (its your heli/plane) and it would be a long journey, but the payout would be more then meth
  9. I thought the timer was only when taking the car for yourself? Only difference with this is cops can seize the money if they catch the guy. Right now I can steal a car, chop it, get shot by a cop and keep the money while paying a small 2.5k ticket
  10. Money from chop shop should be considered dirty (like drug money and gas station money) This way it can be seized by cops, very annoying when you catch the guy that chopped your quad bike and you cant seize the money
  11. Blackfish and Xian would be op because you need a 50cal to destroy the windows, so unless they add AA, its not going to happen. Its also a VTOL Huron and ghosthawk are cop helis so that might be why I see no problem with the HEMMT and tempest since we already have some variant ingame
  12. That house is worth like 200k, no way anyone bids that starting price
  13. I don't think blacklisting VPNs is going to bring back the population to the server... if anything it would reduce the amount of players. The main reason EU time is dead is because a big population, brings a bigger population. Since this is a NA server, less people play on EU time, so less people WANT to play on EU time and instead go to the bigger population EU servers
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