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  1. hahaha! Great screenshot! keep this great content comming!
  2. Could also add swat roles for the lv2 swat members, would also recommand only having max of 5 swat or the same number of people that are doing the event Swat Marksmen has acces to mk-14(bad one) Swat Tank has lvl4 armor Swat Driver/Pilot can spawn a swat ifrit/hunter/strider/orca (only swat members aloud to drive it) Swat Support has access to MXSW and armed jeep (not good like the quillin and 50cal, can be usefull for suppress fire) would also recommand it so SWAT can only be pulled if there are less then 5 higher ups on (sgt+) and that each high ranking officer means one less slot for Swat (ex: 1 SGT and 1LT = 3 Swat Members)
  3. This seems to be the honor not currently being used, should be how much you have in total
  4. When it's bank then evidence locker, it's hard to get on time when you need to go procces the rebels that did it earlier, and then you have to drive the long distance to evidence locker and by the time you get there and die they are already gone. A suggestion would be to move hq closer and maybe change the Sofia rebel to somewhere else. 1/2 times they have a armed car at rebel or machine guns just spraying you from 1 km away and it's hard to deal with both at the same time
  5. Today a gang did it 3-4 times while I was on, they have a house at lumbermill and so they can quickly store the good gear. The cops usually always won but that was after all the good gear was stored and only bad guns remained. There is also alot of confusion about when you can go to rebel while fighting evidence locker and what to do with the hemmt after the rebels are eliminated. Also a thing that is dumb is you need to wait a long time before being able to stop the fence and you have to be in a animation for about 2-3 minutes where you can easily be killed I would suggest reducing the time to 1 minute and add a message that tells the rebels it's being repaired. I would also suggest adding a tracker on the hemmt that breaks after 5 minutes and that you cannot take the stuff inside the hemmt until that 5 minute has passed. This would be good for cops because the rebels would have to decide if they want to protect the hemmt at the evidence locker or to drive it to rebel to defend and it would also be a counter to the bringing to your house before cops have a good chance to make a defence. PS: you need to manually give the charge for robbing the evidence locker and I think it should auto-charge like at bank or fed
  6. Currently Apex predator can get lethels for the MX but not any other gun, I see no reason not to let them have lethels for the .45 acp vermin and 5.56 for spar-16
  7. only rdm I see is in kavala, and its always the same people *not pointing fingers*
  8. No one calls it the MI-290, its called the taru just saying since I had to search up what a mi-290 was
  9. is this for Master Crusader or is it anyone can get extra money by arresting at skiptracer
  10. In Game Name: Nicolas March Hours on Arma (please provide screenshot): Previous gangs: Purge, Dogs, too many to count Previous bans, be specific:too many to count Why do you want to be on BLS?: I want to join BLS because I see you guys do alot of bank and feds and I wana join in
  11. your montage is worst then mine... that is saying something...
  12. Can we get asylum exchange back until s2 shuts down, I have around 50 guns in all my houses, and its going to take me hours to move guns from my houses to houses on a other server and at a other location since I can only log out with 1 gun when moving gear
  13. What I would see happening is changing the honor tree so its actually a tree, 1) you go for Good lodouts (Trg, MX, maybe spar?) but can only go after big bountys or 2) you go for bad lodout (sting and po7) but you can only get small bountys
  14. 1) Same thing will happen if someone has a mx 2) Buy a house so you are always armed?
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