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  1. Girly-man probably plays with standard controls instead of AFM.
  2. @Maxime knows how to fly?!
  3. True, but effective tac-coms, common sense, and locking down points of entry can deter most attempts. Often times I see 8 officers stacked in one spot not paying attention to a parachute vest falling right in front of them. I remember having to process folks from Synergy, Bad Blood, Regiment, Dark Horse, and other tough gangs. You were lucky to get the suspects to the HQ, so you needed to have a decent battle buddy or at least a plan that you could get across to a handful of cops to help out. These days the APD would rather play like a bounty hunter than a cop.
  4. I'm all for removing insta-pardon and insta-payout from lethals. However, I already know that an alarming amount of APD personnel are not going to process criminals correctly after downing them. I can see why, since some players can be pretty toxic to process without a higher up there to mitigate the process. As was already mentioned, it's a more of community issue than a game mechanic issue. On a side note, I see a lot of half-assed tactics being employed when lethal force is used compared to a downing approach. Cops end doing a zerg rush or a sniper elite spin-off just to score a kill.
  5. +1
  6. To clarify, if I move a gang HQ everything aside from crate items transfers correct? Meaning that the gang perks will not be wiped when I transfer HQs. @Gnashes
  7. No use of rotorlib, not amused, fiery death was well deserved for you heathen bastards. #pitchcontrolsaveslives
  8. Thank you folks for your for business and golden opportunities. Out of curiosity, are there any particular resources you'd like to see more often on the Asylum Exchange? At the moment I'm selling mostly Rubber / Oil / Barely / Narcotics. I don't want to neglect other avenues of trade, but it seems as though no one wants anything else. Thoughts?
  9. Don't buckle to these penny-pinchers, $200 is more than fair since you have to account for the hazard and process of gather the drugs. It's not like Barely where you can casually gather it with little to no risk.
  10. If you need Oil/Rubber you should check out my shop Cobra's Commodities (My sig link). Last time I checked I had about 1000+ Processed Oil and 500 Rubber on the Asylum Exchange, very convenient for you to pick up whenever. Also, I'm still willing to buy your New Make Scotch.
  11. I'm paying more for the convenience and time saved, either way I'll still make profit. Plus, these days I've been bringing in some steady revenue. Might as well invest in a potential asset in commercial trade.
  12. If you're willing to sell your New Make Scotch for $300, then I'll happily buy from you. So long as the process is as speedy as I hope it sounds.
  13. I use to like this a lot, but the problem is that group cap as you said. There are no heavy caliber gangs like Bad Blood, (OG) Drunk Squad, Synergy, Regiment, (OG) FSA, Dark Horse Military, Brotherhood, etc. One of those reasons being you don't have 20 to 30 dedicated members that could be stretched across the map. 15 is do-able, but once the APD learns a community drug run is in play that 7 cop crew turns into a 25+ APD Trigger Happy Knee Pad Festival. To the average gang, this is steep gamble that encourages players to either lone wolf or run very small groups to make stable profit. That is one of our source problems in Asylum imo. The game makes it seem like you get better profit going lone wolf compared to big group activities. The Dynamic Market prevents us from getting the max payout from activities like drug runs. Same concept applies to Cartels, except most people do it to either pick a fight or to avoid paying a cartel tax on their product. The auto-generate really isn't a big deal since only 2 out of the 4 cartels generate big money. Even then, I don't see many big drug runs that would indicate the cartel is generating a whole lot of cash. Just some lone drug runners trying to make a dime.
  14. "Bomb" Voyage Server 2, miss ya never.
  15. *Meanwhile in the TS Chat* You blew it rookies, rule of thumb, always be ready to blast Scott's face. Seriously though, he gave ya a golden opportunity to be a super star cop....and ya blew it....