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  1. Meanwhile at Meth Lab and Cartels...
  2. Almost as funny as your PUBG video called "Uh...Rage inducing..." kudos man.
  3. Bummer, didn't do online ordering? That's what I did and pick up my goods the post office or the store for later this week. Less craziness that way.
  4. Kids at that age try hard to hang with people who older or seem cool to them. So they're willing to sacrifice a fun experience if it means they get to roll with the big dogs.
  5. High School Freshmen, World History. I also tutor a few Sophomores and Juniors if they need help with ELA.
  6. Not so much, just how I am as a person and teacher. I like I said, there's a fine line between some friendly troll moments and being an ass. I don't tolerate it and I'll it call out despite the fact most folks will have some edgy meme or repost to use as an excuse to condone shenanigans on the net. I get it that Bizzy is your boy, so his antics is all good fun and all to you. However, this vid was kinda in bad taste, the kid was trying to casually play some PUBG. I didn't see any legit reason why he should've been trolled, just an easy target to be the butt of the "who done it" troll move?
  7. Was this suppose to be entertaining? I think you confused trolling with bullying, even for PUBG standards this is pretty aids being a dick to a random teammate who's easily younger than you.
  8. Yup, plus I made sure this particular case was compatible with the cooler.
  9. Update: So I decided not to be a bitch and go full throttle on this upgrade into basically building a new Gaming/Video Editing PC. Here's how it looks, just waiting for the last of the parts to arrive and I'll start building. The only question I have is this, are there any monitors any of you would recommend for this build? The cost savings of re-used parts allows me some wiggle room to invest in a second screen. A Very Special Thanks To: @Azeh @Mitch (IFRIT) @Tusken Raider @Lucien @BigBunnehDee @Austin Rogers The Original @Tyler @Hanzo/Dirty Scrubz Thank you all for giving me helpful feedback to reflect and think on. You've definitely given me something to be thankful for this holiday season.
  10. This, IR Clip is much more responsive than the hat. Plus, if you're in a dark setting the sensor tends to have a harder time picking up the movements from the hat. That's just my personal preference, but one thing is certain. Track IR + AFM = A much more helpful and fun experience in aircraft/helis.
  11. Switching does work, but I find it distasteful and a waste of time. Spot on advice @Walter White , @frantic and @cHIP oTLE. I would also refer to the golden rule of bounty hunting. No bounty is worth bankruptcy, if you don't like the hand you've been dealt just do a more stable activity that's actually going to add to bounty hunting spending instead playing Bounty Roulette. Asylum has some pretty weak bounty targets as of now, most valuable targets either troll in Kavala, are rule-breakers or simply stay on the move. However, don't write 1k bounties as useless bounty fodder. I've easily made 80K - 200K profits from stalking small bounties doing major drug runs in big vehicles like Box HEMTTs all because they forgot to clear their bounties at courthouse. As that saying goes, the best things in life come in small packages. Reflect on this and practice in catching these kinds of moments. It'll make your gameplay experience much more full-filling and less stressful. Happy Hunting ~Cobra
  12. Who the hell buys a house in Kavala? Mistake number one was buying that house aside from not locking it. Wouldn't be surprised if it was used to shoot people or cops from the windows while locked.