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  1. A wonderful technical guide, I respect those that like explain the finer details of making a living on Asylum. However, some immediate concerns that came to mind were as follows: Marketplace Place Value: Payout lowers the more items you sell on the market. The rate you produce the product (time is money after-all), this is where real estate and route would also need to be taken into consideration. Comparison of Panagia Gang Turf Perk (reduce crafting cost) vs. regular crafting requirements.
  2. I will also admit that I'm a Constable that is open to dropping gear if kidnapped or negotiate a trade for an officer's life. If and only if certain criteria is met. 1.) RP must be immersive and relevant to the situation. 2.) The 4th wall must not be broken and no fail RP / IA Report bluffs. 3.) Demands and procedure must fair to the situation at hand. If all three is met I'm down to play ball in releasing my gear. I've heard a ton of stories so your RP game better be top notch. I won't budge to bullshit bluffs that 90% of criminals use to twist the guidebook/Asylum rules in their favor. If you're going to break roleplay to threaten a ban, then your honestly not worth the toxicity. If im negotiating or RPing my freedom, don't expect to get an MXM or anything fancy for a constable's life, let alone a cadet's life. I literally laugh to myself when I read a 911 text saying "we hav yur cadet. Gib us 500,000 or they die!" @Potato I agree with your statement, it's nice having some standards to give civs an opportunity to profit from a kidnapping. Unfortunately it boils down to either the APD or civs not meeting halfway in being creative, casual and comsiderate of these types of situations.
  3. @bamf @Gnashes @Mitch (IFRIT) @Clint Beastwood
  4. :kappa: You're doing this unit proud son, keep at it.
  5. Tell that to all the dead bodies you and your APD Death Squad piled up at the Meth Lab. All those poor Kavala Kids cut down by 6.5mm, you all did it with a smile.
  6. Your signature, remember it. Sometimes being nice is better than honest.
  7. Alright, this post was...unique. Gonna hijack it for a minute and place this lil nugget of randomness. It's a political, but I feel has relevance to our police force.
  8. It's a good guide man, I'd definitely make a motion to have this topic pinned for its clarity and simplicity of taking down an Orca. +1
  9. Buy >>> Point at Orca >>> Fire and Adjust >>> ??? >>> Profit
  10. Laser designation please, for....reasons.
  11. Thanks, pieced it together from a variety of images to give an Asylum feel with a personal touch.
  12. When civs, cops, bounty hunters and rebels have shit RP skills you gotta find your fix somewhere right?
  13. "You enter a dusty industrial shed, it's lined with various odds and ends. Swing jazz is playing in the background as a man with a ¤REACT¤ patch welcomes you." Our Store Menu* *All store transactions are completed via Asylum Exchange. Prices are subject to change. If you have any specific requests please fill-out the form below and we'll shall list your request at our earliest convince. In-game Name: Item: Quantity (100 max): Taru Towing Services starting at 15k! Taru Pilots: ¤Cobra¤ Armed Escort Services (Coming Soon) ¤REACT¤ is hiring! Join today and earn your pay!
  14. Thanks for the support folks!
  15. Fours years my man, it hasn't changed, just the same ol' shit and some upstart wags their finger at us about proper APD ethics. Sure we acknowledge what they're saying, but most of us know it's just some policy mandate they are required to tell us to cover their ass for the inevitable fuck-up that leads to an IA report that gets the rest of us a long lecture about the proper use of "your voice and lethals"