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  1. This, the Arma Physics Gods gave you a golden opportunity to play this off like a boss. Yet you the shit bed and then proceeded to roll on said bed. Still, a mildly entertaining vid. 6/10 would skrrt skrrt again.
  2. So leave it as a tangled mess that's functional rather than attempt it and create more problems. Makes sense since the original creator of AE kinda left it as is. Well shit, as much as I hate not being able to sell vehicles AE work well enough for my means. Pity it can't be utlized to it's fullest extent.
  3. So instead of fixing it, they completely ripped it out the selling option while still leaving the option to offer bids that lead nowhere? Lovely... If there exploiting could there not been a patch done to counter it?
  4. I'm bringing up this subject since I've head some inquires to craft and sell vehicles to customers on Asylum. I had forgotten that the Exchange no longer allows players to sell vehicles on AE. Why is that? If I'm trying to cater to a supply demand to certain buyer, then why hasn't this feature been addressed since the return of AE? Selling to the market is chumps change and I rather sell directly to a buyer on a fair price we've agreed upon. Thoughts?
  5. Your order is practically ready, please make a buy offer on the Asylum Exchange for your order. The vehicle purchase will go through regardless of what server you play on once I complete your order. It should appear in your garage whether you're online or not. Box Truck (x2): 10K (5k each) Box HEMTT: 35K MH-9: 55k each Let me when once the buy offer is listed on the Asylum Exchange so I can list the veihcles.
  6. This and 4 v Everyone Manhunts, this game really rewards teamwork and smart builds.
  7. Down like a clown Charlie Brown, what build you running? I usually run a healer build or D3.
  8. What is this, a Rust server?
  9. When will the Asylum Wiki Guides and information get updated?
  10. Pilot's Perspective:
  11. So0o0o0o...Want me to shoot in your rotors or your windshield?
  12. Yes, it's a little above average, only because I have to fairly pay new/desperate players for 100 units of Barely they turn in to me. I save them the trouble and time to wait for the payout on the Asylum Exchange. It doesn't go all to my pocket, it helps keep the supply line rolling. Plus, many folks seem happy with $250 for going to a good cause.
  13. Hey folks, lemme first say I really appriciate your business in buying CC Products. I figured I try something new to keep this page alive I would post weekly menu items so you folks have a better heads-up of when I'm selling my goods. If you've liked what we've been selling check out OUR MENU. Here's what we have already rolled out this week: Barley: $250 each Katiba: $7.5K SPAR 17: $9.5K Mk1: $10k AK-12: $10k MK18: $10k
  14. It's stupid gang shit like this that makes playing different gamemodes and games more appealing/fun.
  15. @Twinkie nailed it perfectly. Just fly Taru Bench if you need "training wheels" for flying helis. The regular Taru is fine with roto-lib enabled it would be more aids if any yahoo could fly them without AFM. To me, there are more pressing matters to address for Asylum gameplay than this. The current concept is fine and as cliche as it sounds, this falls into the "git gud" category. (( P.S. still waiting to be able craft Tarus, but the price really isn't that bad. A reduction would be nice though.))