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  2. how much did u end up selling it for?
  3. Can you guys respond with constructive feedback; I'm actually trying to get things changed here instead of having to pay $3500 every time a tracker gets put my HEMTT
  4. Perhaps an NPC, item, or talent As of now, I think having to store the vehicle in question is too much of an inconvenience, especially if you have a large amount of items in that vehicle.
  5. I noticed throughout reading this thread that admins seem to have a "ban first, ask questions later" attitude. Why is this case? In a Gmod server that I once played, admins would create a 3-way conversation between the acusser and accused, allowing the accused 24 hours to respond before banning anyone (assuming the accused had a forum account). This can't be that hard to do since everyone has their PlayerID linked to their forum account.
  6. I read it somewhere in this thread but I would like to reclarify. If I shoot a gang member, his gangmate is NOT allowed to shoot me unless they are in a group. On another note: How would you even know if they were in a group or not? (see my earlier post about triggering the aggression and system).
  7. I am also wondering about the red-name system. From what I understand, it is simply a tool to aid in the combat process, not a end-all, be-all solution. Essentially, it is very possible that you can be initiated on someone whose name isn't red for you. Is there any reason that in order to trigger the red name system, you can only have been shot at? How come it doesn't work the other way around? (EX: If I shoot at someone, his name should instantly become red and so should all his group member's.)
  8. If I initiate on someone with someone, am I also initiating with everyone in that person's group for the next 5 minutes? Do I have to make my commands addressed to all of his group members when I initiate on him? This would make it the responsibility of the initiated-on person to communicate with his group members that they are also being initiated on. If the person failed to do so and I killed one of his group members, it would just appear as if I RDMed that other person. If that person made a report on me, I would probably get banned because that person would have had no way of knowing that I was initiated on him. Also, if I initiate on someone and he follows my commands, am I still allowed to kill his nearby group members?
  9. If I initiate on someone and kill them, am I allowed to keep killing them for the next 5 minutes if they respawn in the same place? Also, where is this 5 minute rule even mentioned? I can't seem to find it anywhere
  10. Bump
  11. Server: 1 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: Houses House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 70k Location (Town/DP#): Athira Asking Price: Offer Description: 2 slot stone houses in Athira; conveniently located next to each other; great for scotch aging Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  12. This guy named Tino unrestrained me and two other officers in Kavala.
  13. Hello. I made some Stings today at the weapon factory and loaded some regular 30 round 9mm mags. Up til now I had always thought it was the ammunition that made a gun lethal or not. However, after shooting someone with a Sting 9mm that I had regular rounds for, it ended up downing the person instead of killing them. My question is this: Are the Vermin and Sting locked to being nonlethal weapons?
  14. crashed twice in the span of 20 minutes