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  1. Application Format: MAKE YOUR APPLICATION SERIOUSLY AND ACCURATELY OR YOU WILL DENIED. Name: Pariah Time Zone: CST Age: 17 Arma 3 Hours (Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/9221fdc48404518d9679aca96dd7f092 Asylum Hours (Estimate): most of my hours are on asylum, but I played on oly for a few months as well (I was permed) Money(Screenshot) And Ifrits / Helicopters Possessed: 1/1 and 160k( i tried to ss, it wouldn`t work for some reason) Previous Gang Affiliations: signature Who can Vouch for you? : I honestly don`t know anyone in your gang (at least not the ppl listed on the roster) Why should we accept you into our gang?:I love to fight cartels, and ill happily fight anytime I can get into rebel without being killed by a guy with a rook while i`m gearing
  2. unban him and give him a mil WHAT A VOICE @P A G E
  3. there are PLENTY of people that were permed from asylum that went to oly or other communities that were unpermed(like me) and came back because this server is honestly one of the best life communities out there.....imo the BEST ALTIS Life Server I ONLY went to oly cause I was permed from asylum......olympus is a good community, don`t get me wrong, but there are PLENTY of things I prefer that Asylum does/has that Olympus doesn`t: ex. scroll wheel gathering/pick up for briefcases, drugs, or items in general..to restrain someone, to pretty much do anything that, on oly, you have to go into an entire menu to do.....making it easier for someone to initiate and shoot you while ur picking something up I will say, that I did like the tempest on Olympus, it made making money a LOT faster, but if that, and 20k loadouts are the ONLY things you can say you hate about asylum, then stop complaining...go spend the time you have on here doing a run...or do one WHILE ur on the forums, and U`ll have a bit of extra cash, I promise
  4. lol....montaged me with no gear at 1:11 would be ok for a first tage, MAYBE a second, but....a third? yikes +1 for music, but everything else.....
  5. The quilins shouldn`t be as much as they are now, but I do think they should have a fat price, I like having an ifrit slam window, I hate having to shoot at someone that`s on star and get shot in the side, while peaking, from vender....maybe making them like 10k-15k would be reasonable(considering doors were removed) but for anything more, the doors need to be added back imo, and even then they should be like 25k MAX.....and can someone link a ss of the new rebel locations? I hope if they moved donor rebel, there is still one down there....im not pushing cap from kavala with an ifrit..... Edit:ifrit prices should also be brought down to like 70k-75k
  6. Application Format In-game name: Pariah Age:17 Hours on Arma 3 (Screenshot required):https://gyazo.com/7e3168542999650a318205d3c18bfed5 Previous gangs: Stellar(named prospect at the time), Enemy, Serenity, and Astro on olympus(Ive been in others, these are just the most recent Why would you like to join Prime: I would like to join an active cartel fighting gang How active will you be? (Ex: 5-6 Days a week):I`ll be on any day that I can, which will be pretty much every day
  7. better than @NicholasMarch`s montages nice medic kills
  8. "HD"....SUING, for false advertisement.....
  9. Can you put the link the song? Quality music right there mate
  10. I like the money part of the idea, but 20 minutes is PLENTY of time for someone to go defend/attack a cartel the want to keep/gain. There is already a feature where you can contest it if you are in the cap zone, so I think that should remain the same.
  11. What would be even better is to not take half of your prestige when you pull it out at the Channel 4 News building, and not make it so that you have to constantly have a certain amount of prestige to keep a given amount of money in your bank. I made it to prominent a while back, and I don`t really care much about the other achievements; but to be able to have even 2,000,000 in your bank account, you need another 1,500,000 in prestige(at all times). So you can`t pull that other 1,500,000 out, and if you do, you only keep half of what you try to pull out. So I think prestige should be optional after you reach prominent, and you should keep all of it when you pull it out and put it into your reg. bank account. That way the achievements are still there for those that actually care about them, but for those that don`t, you won`t lose money that you EARNED and spent all of that time working for just to put it in the actual bank.
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