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  1. pornhub.com/got
  2. I think there should be a cap on where your bounty is when you get it. An example is when I am in Pyrgos and I get a bounty in Kavala
  3. You mean the police officer who did what he did?
  4. My point, thank you
  5. In my expeirence give 1.1 seconds before they restrain you to react.
  6. It would. I am just suggesting a few things that I see in other servers that actually run well. And tell me this server is not going into the trash. Now, just because I say that doesnt mean I think it is a totally bad server. I just think the cops are too op (and that is my opinion.). As show in the video that officer should of never been able to restrain the man with the gun out. The only thing I recommend is that suspects should have to raise their hands to be hand cuffed, if they down they will be downed and cuffed. I dont understand why you APD officers think this is stupid. I find it realistic. And wait a minute.... This is a role playing server right?
  7. ?
  8. start at 3:30
  9. So you think, with a gun pointed at them, told to drop their gun after being unrestrained should be able to look at the kidnapper, restrain him and unrestrained all of the other hostages?
  10. Part of the job lol
  11. Thank you for enlightening me,,,, (truly) But, my point is player's tires shouldnt be able to be popped that easily.
  12. Oh you mean like how some actual cops have to use their tazers in real life. And, if they dont put their hands up, its called resisting arrest and can be charged for it.
  13. I just think that police officers cant pull spike strips out of their ass and not have like a 5 - 10 second "build period" like repairing a car.
  14. Then, if they dont follow orders, the police can taze them. Or "down" them,