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  1. It’s not just Tanoa. Altis life servers are a civilization regardless of who the host is. The medics, the APD, the gangs and the solo players etc all depend on the economy. When that goes to shit, trassit comes to a halt. Gangs stop fighting cartels. Police have no laws to enforce onto civs and medics have no patrons to revive. The entire foundation that asylum depends on needs major maintenance and a solid transparent, passionate, and capable team. Also an owner that actually shows his face and is active with the community is a MUST.
  2. Not trying to offend anyone by what I’m about to say.. Despite the fact that it’s limited to DLC owners... When staff decided it was a brilliant idea to gamble on the reputation of the asylum servers with that absolute bullshit called strife we discovered that more players had access to the map than expected. ”Spread out towns..” *Proceeds to look at Altis map* If there was a police issue, that’s on the APD. Now what really makes me laugh is the whole “cocaine” excuse. Like how fucking hard would it have been to simply put some work into Tanoas economy so one material isn’t the entire reason people inhabited the map? Not difficult at all. For the last couple of years dozens of players have watched as these servers have slowly turned into complete shit. Some of us even tried to offer legitimate advice. If the powers that be want Asylum to even have any shred of relevance in the next 6 months, the entire infrastructure that these servers stand on has to be deconstructed and rebuilt almost to the point where it’s not even recognizable. As far as Asylum players that have been leaving for the past year... most of them haven’t stopped playing arma. They are just sick of the shit they had to deal with here. We went “somewhere else.” The last couple of years have been pretty upsetting to watch. Most of us still and/or did love these servers quite a bit. Good luck.
  3. Let me see if I can scrounge up a heli friendly garage in the area and ill see.
  4. Is it on the market or just looking for offers for the 3 crate?
  5. I don't expect you to.. I've been waiting a year for one of those properties to open up, eventually it'll happen. I'll just save my wallet in the meantime.
  6. Aether

    s7 e6

    Just now caught up... holy fuck.
  7. Aether

    s7 e6

    Anyone mind guiding me to a working link for episode 2?
  8. Aether

    Change log 8.0.0

    The Caesar BTT is available at every air shop. If you can't see it you probably need a talent unlocked(though I wouldn't know for certain) or apex?
  9. Aether

    Change log 8.0.0

    Well you can buy the plane, you are still just lended a different one. Its a $35,000 vehicle though, considering all of the obstacles you have to face already(bandits, cops..etc.) it doesn't sound like a good idea.
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