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  1. Whats this update? @Azeh
  2. Bazzajack

    V2 feedback

    I think spirt is so succesful because its so out of the way of cops I would think moving it closer would be nurfing it again tbh
  3. Yeah thats fair enough, I'm trying to think of a reasonable workaround to that problem
  4. It's not a matter of roleplay just some simple game balance
  5. Asylum already has Major crimes the Fed, Bank, Prison... how would you categorize them?
  6. Where did I imply that it is or should be?
  7. Major crimes Cops didn't become cops to be budget Cartel fighters at a constant disadvantage, it's boring getting on cop to be repetedly go from bank to prison to Fed - Remove Major crimes happening simultaneously - Add a flat cooldown between all Major crimes, about 30 mins - Fix the cops tasking payouts for bank, prison, Fed ( Every cop used to get the tasking but anyone getting it these days its about 2, also make it just payout to every cop at the end of the event because softloging removes it anyways)
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