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  1. Bait at its finest.
  2. I remember my first kill
  3. Nutty
  4. Once the fridge reaches $0 would it start to fill again or all money from there goes straight to gang acc? +1
  5. #freeyungtricks2k17
  6. dont yell that loud dredd! you might wake your family up!
  7. how do i dislike a post
  8. #FreeYungTricks2k17 Matthew Triks r for kids
  9. Lmfao this is great
  10. True Heroism
  11. Accurate Representation Of RPG's On Asylum
  12. ya lol i didnt realize we were playing csgo
  13. ya lol he is doing him a huge favor
  14. Why you gotta get that poor kid banned from discord and the gang tho This the best one so far tho nice work. @Alec-I Master Hacker Reload and Full Auto
  15. ingredients what else?