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  1. If she’s off the clock she’s ready for the cock @Dally

    1. eazy:(


      if she can bleed, she can breed

    2. Mason Statham

      Mason Statham

      Old enough to pee old enough for me

  2. y’all ever eat ass?

  3. @GO7NEY glad we won’t be seeing some bs ms paint shit from you
  4. Tricks

    Do you even lift?

    Who tf actually wears gloves to the gym?
  5. Look for a full time job.
  6. Cya dude! Also I would like to see more cooking with william in the 100 snapchats you send me a day.
  7. Tricks

    older gamers

    what about the new cod tho? looking for a 2v2 partner
  8. you could have dpi jumped out the jail... Smh
  9. Tricks

    Crying wars 8

    he is too busy trying to become the next Dr Dre.......
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