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  1. smh new gens doing the doxxing and ddossing this all happened in 2017 yall are late to this shit
  2. this guys lucky if he can build a lego set
  3. Can we replace this one with the light house cap? At this cap every house has some sort of an angle on the flag. There are cross fires etc. Location of this new cap
  4. Looks interesting I think the clipping might b weird with the dirt. maybe put that middle thing lower to the ground?
  5. "we only had 13 there" counts 17 Hexes
  6. yeah tbh 1 tower cap wouldn't b bad
  7. if you could try to make it smaller as well I feel like its just wayyyy too big
  8. Any way we could get East Arms readded with the tower? Don't get me wrong I loved the idea of a new cartel to try and change it up and give us a new cartel to fight, but sadly it just didnt work out. Now it just feels like it is taking up too much space for no reason at all. Could you guys just remove the script its pretty much just useless code at this point. @Gen. Henry [email protected] @Jesse
  9. Love that my callout of "Dwayne Rock" is being used
  10. who cares make us CSAT suits so we can fight in style
  11. want a cookie? yall play Olympus Conquest, Reborn Warzone and GTA s3 no shit u guys should get more kills then us yall play this game none stop we hop on and play only asylum domination (expect me) and we still shit stop u guys
  12. But serious free goyney @Mitch (IFRIT)
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