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  1. i say we have a 3rd party with internal affairs Sgts LT's and Cpts have no say in the punishments asylum police force is looking like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Seven_Five
  2. problem with this is LT's will never disagree with captains
  3. why do yall change the name of the gang all the time its always the same people
  4. speaking of power hungry lets see how they react to common sense
  5. Captains should follow the rules... they're the ones that make them. all the time captains would just give you a ticket without saying a word and if you denied it you got sent straight to jail power hungry kiddos not darkknight i like darkknight
  6. bruh why you quoting me in this topic this shit has nothing to do with you and I havent said a word to you in weeks havent played arma in weeks and im still on your head keep making depressed music go commit suicide soon fucking retard
  7. yeah totally my job totally doesnt have to do with talking to people everyday including retards like you and I totally dont have any friends cant play valorant working 80 hours a week im saying it was a stupid video can you and your fuck buddies not handle that? fucking new generation a bunch of soft cunts
  8. huh why are you getting involved eazy this has nothing to do with you. i just said one person called you out for cheating and he made this whole ass video pretty cringe
  9. why are you still on an arma 3 fourms ur banned nah im not, im not anti social like 80% of this community
  10. I have decided to retire from arma after the gang trials watch me go pro in valorant twitch.tv/cnnr_tv
  11. oh man ohhh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy
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