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  1. Still prefer your brother PFC Jake's montages but this was still nice +1
  2. Delete Arma 3 folder and Arma 3 - Other Profiles folder inside the documents folder. Then start up your game and it should re create those files so you can change it.
  3. Merry Christmas from the White family!
  4. Take your time with the update! We would all prefer a shined and buffed present rather than a rusty one that looks a bit rushed! But keep up the great work! You guys will make this community go far with this new leadership! @Clint Beastwood <3
  5. half the ideas are all ready implemented in other communities and play out great but I guess I wouldnt mind seeing them here aslong as they put there own twist on it to not be exactly like other communities and offer something new and exciting.
  6. I dont think so, I got talked to by a few mods about a clip I had posted and they told me other wise
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