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  1. holy shit i loved that post another
  2. One time I was in the Police Van that an admin (I guess) had pulled and it gave a bunch of options that would play over loud speakers, and a K9 unit and all the works (others were like "obey the safety rules" and "yolo" and "requesting back-up." I think initiation with sirens and a loud speaker that says "APD, step out of the vehicle and put your hands on your head", "This area is now being secured by the APD", etc etc would be a good idea That way civs would be allowed to siren, but as a cop initiating would need to siren and play the message (through the scroll wheel option). Obviously the message would need to be quick but still let the civ know they were being initiated on so i mean some suggestions might be good
  3. I think if you came up with some designs like those that'd be cool, I'd love to see them. (The basic M81, Urban Digital, MultiCam, etc). EDIT: Maybe add a poll to see what types of skins people are looking for.
  4. I think we're getting to out of line with these.. I feel like some basic camos would be cool. A digital urban, multi-cam, arid, M81, etc would be nice rarer than these crazy ones. Don't get me wrong, kudos to all the hard work, just something more basic would work just as well I feel, if not better. Logically, who wants to be running around in a forest green when we barely have any green on the Altis that matches that colour scheme.
  5. I read somewhere that as a Bounty Hunter you can run up and restrain someone without RP, take them away and turn them in, but if you attempt to down you need to initiate. \
  6. ICONIC.
  7. You'll regret that decision.
  8. Trying to shoot at me after I ditched you.... I'm hurt.