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  1. ^^ This is true, HOWEVER, from my experience, it is case to case. As such, if anyone ever combat logs on you, file a player report and wait for a response. If there is an "Action Taken" there is a chance that you will receive compensation if you link the player report in the compensation report. I've had instances where they have been denied and accepted, so it's always best to give it a shot. Also, if you're looking for others to BH with DM me, I'd love to join.
  2. I actually had a very good RP with Officer Christian Ryan (I think that was his name). Me and my buddies robbed a gas station to get a police response, downed him and brought him up to abandoned hotel. We brought him into a small room and told him we were a security consulting group hired by Clint to inspect the APD reaction time and responses to a set of different situation such as robberies and kidnappings. We asked him to describe a bunch of things like why we decided to siren when he did, how the processing would have gone, what he could have done differently, why we was alone without a partner, etc. Took probably like 10 min. Then, we told him we needed to inspect his gear and ensure it was all in working order, then it would be returned to the nearest APD HQ. He told us he didn't feel safe with his blindfold on, so we took it off, he dropped all his gear, and we left. Great RP with the guy, would kidnap again. Also, I think it should be noted that if a cop doesn't drop his gear, maybe he doesn't feel like you put enough effort in. I once RP'd for 10 minutes to get a Cpl's police cap, and he left laughing all the way back to his hatchback. However, the next day I did the same with a Constable for 2 minutes and asked, he turned me away. Overall, all it takes is some good RP, an understanding that the cop doesn't want to be kidnapped and that you should try to make it enjoyable, and you'll likely be on your way with your own set of cop gear! (In my experiences).
  3. how much? 230k?
  4. wait no it was just a meme
  5. 225k?... all i can offer
  6. What's the amount for them to turn on and off?
  7. I definitely don't agree with the APD having this, since the house is the only refuge. However, for BH, it's usually 1-3 guys and this process can be stopped quite easily. In addition, a BH must have the bounty to enter said house (ex. BH chasing x can only enter x's house, not y's. If x is in y's house, sucks). And, it can only occur once per restart. (ex. you raid x's house, he escapes, you clear bounty and he pops up again, but you can't re-raid b/c its the same session. I think it should be a talent learned or something like that. It would be great for BH at least IMO. Now before everyone hates, just hear me out. BH comes near target's house and notices they are inside. BH says come out and turn yourself in, or blah blah blah, etc. Bounty doesn't come out, BH w/ talent goes up to the door to raid imitates raid process, 3/4mins, but in that time cannot move or shoot unless action is aborted. Notification pops up for bounty in house that his house is being raided, and he can shop the process simply by putting some shots into the BH. If he doesn't stop the BH, or the BH has friends who keep the bounty away from the one raiding or the like, then the BH who started the raid to place a temporary unlock on the doors of the house for 3 min. During that time, the house is unlocked and the crates (if any, become locked). For those 3 minutes, the BH (or anybody) can enter the house (but not open the crates) and try to take the bounty out. After 3 minutes, the doors will lock if they are closed and the BH will be stuck inside (has to be some risk) if he has not exited yet. This way, no crates are accessed, there is equal amount of risk (I'd say) for both the BH and bounty.
  8. 76
  9. I'll tell you before hand if I get the pardon before hand too... Unless you wanna come turtle hunting again?
  10. Thanks
  11. Before we begin: JOKE Step 1 : Turn yourself in at your local police HQ and ask for a police officer who you know can take a joke or will RP and be patient. Step 2 : Ask if they want the short or the long story. Step 3 : If they ask for the short story, you're outta luck and figure it out yourself. Step 4 : If they ask for the long story, clear your throat for a while and google "How did WW1 start" and click the wikipedia link. Step 5 : Explain to them how WW1 started by reading the prelude or opening paragraph. Step 6 : If they start to stop you, tell them that this relates to your charges but we're just getting a foundation so it's not out of context. Step 7 : Once you have finished reading WW1, click on the WW2 link. Begin reading. If they stop you again, go back to Step 6. Step 8 : Read all of WW2, and then start the Cold War. (Note, this only works if you are from or RPing as a American, otherwise skip). Step 9 : Tell them that the reason it affects you is because you've had to live through 2 World Wars and are an alien (which credits the living through both wars theory) and say that you still have flashbacks and forget where you are for a moment, sometimes hours. This should get you the pardon because you were unaware of what happened during your outburst. Step 10 (Optional) : Cry. Note : If you haven't gotten a pardon by Step 10, you're not gonna get it so best of luck from there on.
  12. I represent the country of Canada. We, as a country, are situated too high north to send our money, mainly because the Canadian Geese (see below) are on strike so we can't fly the money down. We would greatly appreciate this team speak server as we have been looking to purchase one for some time. Now, you may be thinking, why just not use Canada Post. Well, my friend. All the moose (see below) have all quit, calling it "unsafe working conditions" smh. Not all hunters hunt moose.... Regardless. On behalf of Canada, we would like to thank you for your time and hopefully you will let us use the team speak. After all, we're only like 200 people in total, and half the igloos (see below) don't have internet (or electricity). Thanks once again.
  13. holy shit i loved that post another
  14. One time I was in the Police Van that an admin (I guess) had pulled and it gave a bunch of options that would play over loud speakers, and a K9 unit and all the works (others were like "obey the safety rules" and "yolo" and "requesting back-up." I think initiation with sirens and a loud speaker that says "APD, step out of the vehicle and put your hands on your head", "This area is now being secured by the APD", etc etc would be a good idea That way civs would be allowed to siren, but as a cop initiating would need to siren and play the message (through the scroll wheel option). Obviously the message would need to be quick but still let the civ know they were being initiated on so i mean some suggestions might be good