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  1. SKC

    What is Asylum V2?

    Whats the differences between current and new housing system?
  2. I work with IPS. If developers want some help on blocks/plugins edit, I'm here
  3. You should think about getting players to play. If someone try to get money but die all times, he will probably leave to play elsewhere, in a easier server probably. Also, you must consider about houses, what really affect the way people get money. If you just want to shoot/fight to get money is better to play in a wasteland or koth server, not in a RP.
  4. Some players cannot make money in a 80/85 server simply because gangs/other players take control of almost all gathering/process areas. A server with less player is their chance to get some money to then fight when server is full.
  5. SKC

    Finally back

    Welcome back toxicity killer Fluxah
  6. Looks like an encoding problem. Shouldn't be that difficult to fix.
  7. IGN:SKC Age:29 Timezone:GTM-3 Arma Hours(screenshot):1.4k http://prntscr.com/mx3byw How much money/Ifrits/Orcas do you have?: 3.3mi 3 orca 2 ifrit Reason for wanting to join: to enjoy a great gang Previous gangs: EXG, GF Vouches:
  8. Looking for a house with 3 crates on mentioned areas
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