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  1. Zoex

    The Music Thread

    Mac Miller's songs are great.. RIP.
  2. I dunno where did I say I disagree with the fact its where new players spawn, clearly this guy made a forum post therefore he is able to read what I said, and is able to know now he should leave Kavala to avoid that. During the 6.5+- years I've been around A3 life servers, Kavala was always the main spawn, and I never disagreed with that.
  3. Hey, Heck if I'd have a dollar for every side chat message saying " I'm being RDMed in Kavala" I'd be rich. If someone claims there is a mass RDMer, and we see multiple deaths in the chat logs under his name, we do take a look when online. If someone asks for help in an Admin message when he is stuck in a place where he wasn't supposed to be during normal gameplay, we provide help. In-game, we mostly want to play the game, in the end of the day our job is 100% voluntary, when I'm in-game, I I'd like to play it just like you do. I'm not going to pull an inspec
  4. Depends if you care more about color or response time, favorite brand and budget.
  5. 1. No, since its Devs who actually do it. 2. Makes since due to abuse when it was bigger and had to be nerfed, its an Amazing offroad vehicle, meant to use for Rebels to transport from A to B, not to transport drugs easily. 3. And you probably believe Earth is flat and Bush did 9/11 right? where the hell are you bringing this speculations from, rebels are super important to the server's health, so why would we want to get them to not have fun, its a dumb claim. 4. Why not just close the entire community while we are at it? how does that argument have to do with any of your clai
  6. I am a simple man, I see a 20 seconds intro, I don't watch the video.
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