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  1. Thanks, Let me know if you hear something!
  2. Fix cargo vans. No one can get in the back anymore since the update. Also would be nice to have more colors for the cargo van
  3. Hope they fix it soon.
  4. Yes, sorry thats the correct numberm but now im only able to have two in the front. Instead of 2 in the front and 4 in the back. How come?
  5. I really love the laws of war vans but the last server/Arma update has broken them for me. When i spawn my van only two players can enter instead of the previous six. Is this a bug caused by the new update or is this done on purpose for some reason. I'd like to see more primary colors for the van too. The orange color makes it look a little ugly. Draoth
  6. Sorry for being a noob Good job devs
  7. I can't seem to join now. I keep getting disconnected from the server after receiving mission file...