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  1. This is going to happen. 100%
  2. Alright
  3. 07 Best of luck in the future. Hope to see you around some time.
  4. First off sexual assault is not a joke at all. Like really think about what you are posting here. Especially on a subject that can be really sensitive for some people. Joking about this makes people feel invalid. Think for once in you life.
  5. NICE!!
  6. Well who knows. Because no one is telling us anything
  7. Well hello there.
  8. Welcome and congrats people.
  9. All of them
  10. New EMT vic???
  11. Gold
  12. The sirens are bugged. I have tested them and they only seem to work within 50m or so and are very quiet.
  13. @SpartanOfHope
  14. +1 Please add