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  1. I can't decide who is worse... @revise or @Lucky™
  2. Your steam I do see Unfriended, removed and blocked Good day to you sir.
  3. Amazing
  4. Rip him
  5. In Canada???
  6. Oh goodness.....
  7. Just a little update for you all. I'm speaking again but I'm supposed to keep it to a minimum. I'm starting phisyo therapy tomorrow and should be discharged by the 27th of this month.
  8. O7 my dude. I hope everything goes well with you. Hop on every once and a while so we can catch up.
  9. Thank you all for the kind words. I am doing well. I have another surgery next week for my lung and than recovery. If everything does according to plan I'll be home by the end of March.
  10. This
  11. Welcome to Asylum.
  12. This is going to happen. 100%
  13. Alright
  14. 07 Best of luck in the future. Hope to see you around some time.