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  1. I constantly harass staff members in the ts for all random questions of different situations I encounter on the servers. In other words, I am truly a pain in the ass as a player to deal with. I use and overuse all the support tools put at the players' disposition. But there has been one support member that seems to always be in ts and put up with my bs and others' bs and take time to answer questions and offer support when he really does not have to. A real man of the community! As you might have guessed my suggestion: Nino Brown for Mod (or admin)!
  2. With a lot of VDM's and RDM's (and other rule breaking) in the servers, some of which are intentional, I propose a system where for every action taken report made a reward of 10k would be awarded to the person who filed the report. Making a report is a pain in the ass.. We just want to play and do not enjoy spending time writing up a report. And for that reason many just insult each other in sidechat and threaten reports but don't actually go through with it because of the time it would actually take. With some incentive people would be more willing to make a report, and offenders would be less likely to break the rules because they would then know that the victims actually get something out of the report, other than a smug face for when action is taken. 10k is not a big amount, but i think it compensates for the 10 minutes taken to write up a report in order to improve the community.
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