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  1. I miss the old RD
  2. Hey buddy
  3. o7 Best admin.
  4. This guy is the best player ive ever seen.
  5. This guy forced me to comment for a "free bump" TEN OUT OF TEN LEON
  6. Oh.. My.. God.. You're so good its unreal. sign my forehead
  7. Last clip was amazing LOL
  8. just apply for nopixel if u like that sort of life mod
  9. Was fun chilling with u in valorous Cya bud
  10. did u even look at the pictures? lol Yes he did.
  11. Hey i can kill bots too sick causal matches
  12. i agree way to easy to get in plat this season
  13. the gyazo was just me and sylus trolling around on casual was pretty funny