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    I love reading, writing, gaming and parkour. Pretty much anything medieval or fantasy is at the top of my list.
    Former U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant. Semper Fi
    Now I hold a Master of Arts Degree in English and Creative Writing

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  1. Padrinos

    New Mods

    Congrats amigos.
  2. haha, I love the 2 points of view on it. Great aim. Like a bullseye with a giant lawn dart
  3. Hell yea. I am still here amigo
  4. Been a while. You did my cop ride along in 2015. Seems like forever ago

    1. Abstand


      Hey man! It has been almost half a decade! I just came back maybe a week ago, been loving it so far. Just like old times. I have been really enjoying the EMT stuff. I love that they added some depth to that faction. 

    2. Padrinos


      I still haven't tried that, but seems like a total RP position, which i like. Glad you're back and having fun

  5. Hahahaha the long scream at the end
  6. Map designer would be a fun position. I love working in the editor
  7. Congrats everyone. Make us proud
  8. Strife was fun if you wanted to play mil sim with the same Asylum crew. Would be fun to have an invade and annex style with AI where players could choose which side they want to play. Gives combat with missions. Maybe earn points to purchase weapons and vehicles that is separate from life money. Or a little of both; life money and combat points
  9. Stratis. Bring back sever 5. And wait, I dont even have your phone number.
  10. It's been an honor my friends. Congrats to the newly promoted. Do us proud and carry on the legacy. Don't forget to RP and help out the little guy. It's not always about the big fights. See you in game o7
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