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    I love reading, writing, gaming and parkour. Pretty much anything medieval or fantasy is at the top of my list.
    Former U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant. Semper Fi
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  1. didnt m,an to makle public

  2. Thats a nice change from hands up or die. Would be funny
  3. I wanna know what's West now. But I agree with you guys, the whole season felt rushed.
  4. Woot woot. Let's do this!
  5. Padrinos

    msg disabled

    Try now amigo @Twinem
  6. This sounds right and how it should be, but some will still come crying to the Comp section
  7. haha dont let him fly. Bad idea. Almost as bad as tower parajumping @Patrick Swayze
  8. Welcome and Happy Birthday. I love German Sheps too. We have 3 at our house. Also, about the LEO thing, I have heard there are several in this community that may be able to answer some questions. But glad to have you around.
  9. Padrinos

    Baka for CM

    Hmmm... Maybe...
  10. hahaha this is great. Wrong hood
  11. You talking about my text based game or the ones I have on the workshop?
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