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  1. Feenix

    Hi man

    1. Roy


      Hi buddy how are you!!!!~!

  2. Roy

    : )

    it was only active when cocaine was insane money it died soon after they nerfed it.
  3. Roy

    : )

    to all 25 people who played on it lol.
  4. im a pro h1z1 player lol
  5. Damn bet he says he tried to contact a admin in game through the text message.
  6. At least he going to live to be 30 without a heart attack.
  7. You also cant say that there was a single person in that gang that did not know about ahk scripts and who was using them.
  8. ahk I assume if so finally.
  9. Says he quit arma but look at him now. tsktsktsk
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