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  1. Parker

    Asylum Apparel

    *Weirdo wearing an Asylum hoodie* Person: “tf is asylum?” Weirdo: ”Its a game server for Arma 3” Person:
  2. Parker

    can we please get wheelchairs too XD

    Bring back Aussie life and add wheelchairs
  3. +1 always thought it would be a cool idea to give the barracks building the ability to hold 4 crates and cook crank / meth with a 10% chance of it blowing up during cooking or something. Stack crates full of 3 of each ingredient and grants ability to cook an entire crate at once and smoke rolls out of the top of the building. Can be raided by constable+ and whatever else balancing factors are needed.
  4. Seriously wasn't trying to hit him, just scare him into a rock or something... Old clip back before I took a break
  5. Parker

    Donor 7 perk update

    In-game player titles with unique colors? I dont know if it's possible but maybe skinned parachutes, colored ifrit/strider smokes, free channel 9 broadcasts (once per restart)
  6. Parker

    Donor 7 perk update

    Maybe increase house cap by 1 or 2? or if that player is a gang leader they could then own two gang houses?
  7. Parker

    Low frames help?

    @Azeh helped me find the problem, CPU fan not working so i have high temps. Thank you to anyone that tried to help!
  8. Parker

    Low frames help?

  9. Parker

    Low frames help?

    i7 4790k 4ghz Gtx 970 16gb ram
  10. Parker

    Low frames help?

    Got on a few months ago and had 40+ frames, got on today and have 2-10 fps. I deleted a bunch of shit on my pc so i verified to make sure i had not deleted a file or something and i still have the same fps. Any suggestions?
  11. Parker


    No, I want $8 but I added 5 extra 0s to throw you off.
  12. Parker


    Both Sold. Cya later doods
  13. Parker

    Change log 7.9.0

    RIP the memes