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  1. Good Luck Fellas. May your pockets stay full and your hit list short. -Cali 'The Don' Dazzello
  2. Going through watching old videos. Man, the good ol days! Figured Id bump this for you guys who remember the MoB.
  3. ahh I havent laughed that hard in a while! So good Diggs, so good.
  4. VIva la MØß. Several of us leaders stepped away from Asylum for one reason or another. A couple of us play here and there, and we may start playing more. But personally, I dont plan to play enough to manage a med-large gang. We're keeping that shit tight knit, like the title says, invite only.
  5. Viva la MØß. Taught these kids everything they know.
  6. +1. Only 14 year old Ive ever wanted to play with.
  7. +1. Was great having him and a great addition to any gang.
  8. The fishing boat only goes less than half of its reported top speed. About 21 km/h. Also cant put oil barrels on the fishing boat. (Maybe its only a fishing boat) You cant get the fishing boat out of Melborne because the mast? is too tall to fit under a bridge.
  9. Nice work man. Dont let these guys bother you.
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