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  1. I am interested to see how AMD has come I have not followed PC for 2-3 years now and AMD was shit forever. Yeah and that faggot site picks the worst fucking prices but for compatibility it works; however I already know what to look for in compatibility so I guess it’s a nice tool for me just to double check. Also all the completed builds always miss a price on 2-3 pieces xD i looked up each part on Amazon and was able to get the build I wanted from $1100 to literally $900 lol
  2. Can someone give me a build for $900 (NOT including peripheries or windows etc) intel only tyvm I have no time to do this research shit
  3. Is this game still fucked or does it function somewhat properly now
  4. Hey fsggots thanks for bringing back a 4 year old thread, EPIC
  5. Are you autistic bro for real jesus
  6. As you can see I used downing rounds 120x as much as I used lethals in my notorious APD career. TY
  7. In-game name: Krypton Age: Timezone: Hours on Arma 3: Previous gangs: Any members who can vouch for you?
  8. What’s Point of Putting so much effort in if you’re still ugly as hell?
  9. Holy shit my autism detector is maxed out!!!
  10. Who cares asylum failed years ago lmfao plus they’ve admitted they don't even know if this fixed the crashes 100% we won’t know until the server gets high player count
  11. He’s been mentally retarded the past 5 years it isn’t changing bro
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