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  1. Holy shit still playing and still running NG since easys
  2. premier is for sure the best editing software. there is a reason its the industry standard. One tip I would give you guys is to learn the hotkeys for the tools. It will make editing a lot faster.
  3. not to flame the devs on oly but since jesse left the only thing they added worth anything is the betting system.
  4. no tits. where is the fucking downvote button?
  5. How about we just let everyone use esp and this wont be an issue.
  6. No because a smoke exploit can also be abused by the defending team or players not in the ifrit. For example if a ifrit smokes off vendor to push window the vendor guys will smoke exploit and shoot the people who are slamming window in the back. just give it a rest my dude
  7. I think a better option would be to create a fix on the server instead of enforcing it. An example is harry potter spot. It was hard to enforce because it can be hard to tell when someone was hiding there unless you directly see him there from castle. When a wall was placed there the exploit was fixed. Same with this smoke exploit if there could be a way to fix it by coding something into the server then it would solve the issue.
  8. I am 90% sure the canister is the actual reason for the exploit. You have to be standing on or very close to the canister for the exploit to work. So that should still work.
  9. Disclaimer: I have no idea how deving arma 3 works. Couldn't there be a way for the ifrit smokes to be coded where if you are in the smoke you get your screen blurred? Similar to how tear gas works. Also this should be reported to bohemia.
  10. bout to raid kavala with 30 sea raiders
  11. Nice montage, wanna join my milsim guild?
  12. thank god ive been physically abusing my enter key for the past week when i try to get into the server.
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