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  1. "Hands up hands up" *downs random civ* "allahu Akbar" *turns and runs in opposite direction* Had me cracking up XD
  2. I'll post when I can get on
  3. I already have 5 houses in athira, but I hate the loacation of one of my 70ks so maybe we could do a trade or I can use that one to get a discount?
  4. How much do you want for it?
  5. 10/10 Best riebel montage
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA... No. Cops have rules they need to abide by to make sure things that could clearly cause a lot of chaos, and potentially ruin the game aren't abused such as flashbangs, and handcuffs. The last thing we need is an army of squeaker bounty hunters spamming flashbangs in Kavala square while handcuffing everybody.
  7. How much are you looking for?
  8. Is the 150k house still for sale?
  9. Still for sale?
  10. I am currently looking for s1 scotch houses. Please list Price, location, and amount of storages/ barrels.
  11. Still for sale at 300k?