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  1. This shits hotter than the sun my god
  2. https://medal.tv/clips/40736454/mNcCzBCtQqzo @Azeh
  3. https://gyazo.com/1044c2a6920628d3871a48eb59b3d0b2 Still Shit
  4. Arma physics are just perfection
  5. No but those are tools to take the vehicle out completely, you can just wait for them to drop and kill them all with 1 grenade or rip the tires out and render it useless.
  6. Fought against it at a Prison and Pyrgos Bank, the vehicle isn't as big and scary as everyone thinks it is and it does what its meant to do by getting the cops to the event it does a good job. That being said once the vehicle gets there it turns into a slaughter it doesn't make the cops invulnerable it just adds a new aspect that we don't have right now and its pretty cool. That being said it took 1 rocket to blow the vehicles up and whilst backing up into the prison we ripped 3 out from the glass on the back sides the only thing that people wont like is the driver which can also still be shot
  7. Probably as deep as the ditch he made from dragging his knuckles around all day
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