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  1. Actually a freak man its a trial by combat in a 8 year old game man not a e-sport in front of thousands of people mannnnnnnnnnnnn
  2. Shot me in the back through a window man not fair
  3. What was that about OPFOR bud? BLUFOR rolled first match ez pz no competition
  4. Maybe a way for it to be not fixed IE. less players less caps not sure if something like that is possible but a idea none the less Sundays, we have Dom on Saturdays but I agree
  5. Catch me on Blufor tomorrow freak only thing being sucked is my tank barrel by u cutie
  6. Actual freak player man too good
  7. Congrats Mister @Ken. Congrats big fella
  8. Now THIS is poggers
  9. What if you wipe houses and then Kavala houses get taken
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